Razor company Billie wants women to grow a moustache for Movember

Ladies, put down the wax, the thread, the razor, or whatever godforsaken way you remove upper lip hair.

Most of us try to hide our peach fuzz by dyeing it blonde or getting rid of it altogeher, but razor brand Billie wants us to put a halt to that and take part in Movember.

Each November men ditch shaving and Billie wants women to join them.

The brand hopes to be the first female-first company to start raising money for Movember.

The global charity challenges men to grow a moustache to raise money and bring awareness to prostate cancer.

The Team Billie Movember campaign hopes to do the same by encouraging women to grow out their moustaches and to donate to the cause.

So, are you willing to grow out your facial hair?

Hoping to put their money where the mouth is, Billie is also vowing to match donations made.

The Billie website says: ‘Newsflash: women have moustaches. We’ve been trained to hide them – wax them, bleach them, shave them – but that doesn’t make them any less real.

‘Fuzzy and faint or dark and dazzling, they’re there. So this Movember, we’re growing out our (formerly) top-secret upper lip hair.

‘We’re a brand built for womankind. But we’re thrilled to support the men in our lives – we’re matching 100% of contributions made to our team, up to $50,000.’

The company understands that not everyone will want to get involved.

It added: ‘We support all of Womankind — shaggy, smooth, or anything in-between.’

Billie has also shared a video on its Instagram showing off all kinds of women embracing their natural facial hair.

Followers are loving it. One person wrote: ‘Incredible message, incredible cause!’ while another said: ‘This is fantastic’.

Even the Movember Instagram account got involved saying: ‘We love our Mo Sisters’.

And hey if you want to get involved but don’t want to grow a moustache, you could always let other bodily hairs grow out.

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