Reviewers Call This the ‘Best Wrinkle Cream Ever’ — And It’s 40% Off

Of all the skincare promises a product can make, reversing the signs of aging is a big one, and also among the most difficult to deliver on. Yet every so often, a product comes along that actually does seem like it turns back the clock, giving you the face you had back when you may not have appreciated it. These remedies might come with a price tag that only celebrities can afford — but not always, as the reviews for Credentials Face Firming Complex prove.

In a review titled “Wrinkles seem to fade away,” one shopper wrote that they saw a visible difference in their fine lines after just a few days of using the Firming Complex, and now they won’t be without it. Another shopper wrote, “This is what you do if you can’t afford a face lift,” while one more named it “the best wrinkle cream ever.” 

After two weeks, shoppers generally say they notice a huge difference in their fine lines and wrinkles. But that two-week time span is on the high end for some, since many also say they see results in just a few days. The brand attributes that fast action to DMAE, alpha-lipoic acid, co-enzyme Q10, and vitamin C ester, all of which “speed the repair process while stimulating new skin cell growth from the inside out.”

In addition to the many, many thumbs-ups it’s received for providing instant satisfaction, reviewers also say the effects don’t plateau. One shopper writes that they’re going on two years with the Credentials brand by their side, while another relayed that the Complex is so good at tightening and smoothing their skin, they’ve introduced their squad to the product. Now, they “purchase for half [their] friends at work.” 

At the Face Firming Complex’s typical price of $47, that’s definitely a generous friend. But for the time being, you can get in on the lifting action for 30 percent off; the Complex is currently $33 at Dermstore, and you can take an extra 10 percent off with the code Extra10 — fitting. 

Credentials Face Firming Complex

Shop now: $30 (Originally $47);

Multiple people write that it’s the best product they’ve ever used regardless of price, with results instantly apparent via more radiant, firmer skin. “It does everything you need it to do: firm, clear, and even out complexion! I recommend this product to anyone concerned with the signs of aging,” one shopper said, expanding on their claim that the Complex is “face firming power in a jar.” Other shoppers rank it as the “best way to obtain face firmness,” with noticeably tighter skin obvious with each use. 

Given the choice between a thousand-dollar face lift or a $30 lotion with sworn results, this mini trust fall is an easy one to make. 

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