Shoppers Say This 'Magic' Mascara Doubles Their Lash Length

With the reign of face masks still going strong, the makeup world has never felt more limited. Slipping on a mask whenever I leave the house is non-negotiable, and the first few months of breaking from the ingrained "need" to wear makeup was a freeing reset. But if the Golden Globes this weekend has you longing for some easy glamour, shoppers say one $14 mascara gives them Hollywood icon-level lashes.

In a review titled "lashes like Garbo," an Amazon shopper writes that despite their naturally super short, straight lashes, Honest Beauty's Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer makes for ones more than doubled in length. The magic is in the primer, shoppers write, which ensures zero flaking or smudging, just volume and length that's "practically miraculous." Another person writes that they don't know what kind of "wizardry" is at work in the primer, but it makes their lashes infinitely better.

After using the primer you wait 20 seconds, then top it with the jet black mascara on the tube's other side and blink hello to brow-grazing lashes. The before-and-after photos are truly stunning, with the non-irritating formula responsible for lashes that look so thick and luxurious, shoppers take to the comments with rave reviews.

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara and Lash Primer 2-in-1

Shop now: $14 (Originally $17);

"I'm compelled by the gods to tell you that this mascara is life-changing, in the way that you probably can't imagine making it through the day without a microwave or toilet paper," the wizard-citing shopper above writes. Another adds that the formula is magnificent for those with perpetually dry eyes; their "super sensitive" eyeballs had suffered through dozens of other mascaras, until the Extreme Length Mascara cut the cycle short.   

It's rare for a non-irritating mascara to stay in place all day, yet that's exactly the trick at work. One reviewer with the double challenge of a hot, humid area and hooded eyelids says the non-smearing mascara is the best they've tried, while another compares the effect to "feather-like lash extensions," and a third says that people ask if they're wearing fake lashes with it on. 

The praise keeps coming, shoppers dubbing it "hands down the best mascara I have ever used," "the best mascara of all time" and "pure magic." One self-described makeup junkie in their 60s says that after six decades of beauty experience, the separation and length the formula creates is like none they've ever experienced. It wears all day, even with a N95 mask and face shield, and then easily removes with micellar water. 

In the words of one last happy customer: "Guys, I was only looking for a clean mascara that looks good and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. What I didn't expect to find was THE BEST MASCARA EVER!?! I'm 36 and I've finally found the holy grail of mascara. Hello long lashes! Goodbye raccoon eyes! Buy this!"

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