Slow Down and Savor Your Morning Skin-Care Routine With These 5 Products

Slow Down and Savor Your Morning Skin-Care Routine With These 5 Products

During the workweek, my morning skin-care routine frequently feels rushed and sometimes like another chore I need to cross off my list before logging onto my computer for the day. I’ve even been known to pat myself on the back for shaving a minute or two off of my time spent in the shower.

To help me start my day in more of a calming manner and to create more moments of joy, I’ve been trying to slow things down (when time allows, of course) and really savor each step of my skin-care process.

So far, I’ve found that setting my alarm a little earlier and using nutrient-rich beauty products that promote relaxation make this goal way easier to achieve. When I take the extra few seconds to spritz on a facial spray before applying my face cream or moisturize my arms and legs before getting dressed, my skin-care routine feels way less like an annoying task.

In case you’re interested in giving this experiment a try, I’ve rounded up five Keys Soulcare products that will surely do the soothing trick. The brand, which was founded by Alicia Keys and was inspired by ancient beauty rituals, offers clean, dermatologist-developed products that nourish the mind and body.

After checking out the products below, I suggest venturing over to the Keys Soulcare Instagram page, where you can find a ton of content about the benefits of each product, tips for caring for your skin, and more. In fact, Keys Soulcare just awarded one lucky follower a spot on its PR list (read: free access to products!) for the entire year.

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