The Best Face Mask Accessories: Chains, Lanyards & Ear Savers

Now that a cloth face mask is simply just another piece of every going-out outfit, the stylish set has found a way to make it fashionable: face mask accessories.

Yes, in addition to helping to slow the spread of the coronavirus, your breathable face covering holder is the extremely 2020 way to express your style and allow you to go hands-free when your mask is not in use. Think of each lanyard, chain and other face mask accessory as functional fashion that makes perfect sense in these unprecedented times. (And don’t forget that face masks themselves can be a fashion statement — we see you, J.Lo!)

Just like a chain for your eyeglasses or sunglasses, these simple accessories work by dangling your face mask from your neck so you don’t lose it or set it on a dirty surface. In fact, you can repurpose certain glasses chains for your mask, as long as they have clips or hooks at both ends rather than little rubber loops.

Many retailers have started offering face masks that are alternatives to true personal protective equipment (PPE), which are disposable and predominantly used by medical staff. These everyday, reusable options include face masks for adults, face masks for kids, clear face masks, face masks with matching outfits and face masks for exercising. Well-known apparel and fashion brands like Levi’s, J.Crew, Athleta, Old Navy, The Honest Company, Forever 21, Gap and Kim Kardashian’s Skims sell their own lines of masks as well.

Below, the best face mask accessories you can buy online right now for form, style and function.

This affordable face mask lanyard is available in a dozen styles and uses lobster claw clasps to attach to each ear loop on your reusable mask of choice.

This mask holder makes a great gift because it’s completely customizable. Choose from turquoise, rainbow, gray crystals, faux pearl and black clay disks, then add a nickname or inspiring mantra.

Another sunglasses chain that you can repurpose — just clip the lobster clasps to each elastic ear loop and you’ll never forget your mask again.

A convertible accessory with a bit of polish. Wear it as a face mask lanyard, a sunglasses chain or a simple necklace.

Etsy shops have been flexing their creativity when it comes to face masks and face mask accessories. This tie-dye headband has a button perfectly positioned for each elastic ear loop, relieving your ears of tension. Plus, the fabric is soft and stretchy, making for a pleasant mask experience all around.

This gold and silver chain option is another great gift idea — your recipient will love the product as well as the pretty packaging. Or pair this with your own favorite Etsy jewelry.

As you’re perusing Shopbop for denim and shoes, check out their sunglasses accessories section. This high-shine link chain will work with your cotton face mask thanks to the hooks at the end.

This chain link lanyard has colored ribbon woven through it for a unique way to keep tabs on your face mask. It attaches with two spring clips that have silicone pads at either end.

Not a face mask lanyard, not a face mask chain — but just as handy. This little doohickey is called an ear saver, and it attaches to your mask’s ear straps so you can customize the fit to your head. If you find yourself having to wear a mask for long stretches of time, an ear saver will make your experience more comfortable.

Add a pop of color with this colorful crystal bead necklace with delicate gold chain from SydneSummer. The brand is donating 10% of net proceeds of masks and mask accessories to Feeding America.

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the World Health Organization website.

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