These Are The Benefits Of Giving Yourself A Facial Massage

You are feeling tense and start to rub your face. It’s almost as if you’re trying to smooth the stress away, which is exactly what a facial massage can do. But there are so many more benefits of giving yourself a facial massage that you might not have realized. Your skin (and your overall health) will show it.

When it comes to calming your nerves, nothing can beat a facial massage. Why? Well, people tend to hold stress in their faces, especially in the temples and the jawline (via Goop). By rubbing your face (and in particular, those stress spots), you can help to reduce the tension. And if you find that your allergies are making you miserable, a facial massage can soothe that sinus pressure (via Healthline).

If you’re breaking out a bit more lately, a facial massage can help prevent pimples (via Women’s Health). In fact, by rubbing your face, you can boost circulation, decrease excess fluid, and, of course, relieve tension. Since your stress levels will also be lower, you might be better able to balance all those hormones that are wreaking havoc on your skin.

Giving yourself a facial massage has numerous benefits

Looking to give your skin a natural glow? Start by performing a facial. Yes, by massaging your skin, you’re going to increase blood flow and circulation (via Elle Canada). By doing so, you’ll automatically increase your collagen production, which will give your skin a radiant look. Let’s say that you just bought a fantastic new concealer that you’re hoping will brighten your perpetually tired-looking eyes. If you want your makeup to have more staying power, prep your skin first by doing a facial massage (via Refinery29), which can help your skin absorb facial products more easily. 

If you’re looking to minimize the appearance of a facial scar, a massage might do the trick. Not only can a massage reduce the symptoms associated with a scar — like pain, itchiness, and tenderness — but it can also make your scar seem less noticeable (via Healthline). By rubbing the scar tissue, you’ll boost blood flow, flatten bumps, and even loosen up tissues, all of which can make the healing process go more smoothly.

There are so many health and beauty benefits to giving yourself a facial massage. By adding massages to your skincare routine, you’ll say goodbye to the stress … and say hello to more beautiful skin.

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