This is the exact nail polish Meghan Markle wore on her wedding day

The nail salon behind Markle’s bridal nails has confirmed that it actually involved mixing two shades together.

Over two years have passed and we’re still talking about Meghan Markle’s beautiful bridal look. From her stylish, messy bun and grown-up take on glossy lips to her gorgeous freckles shining through; there’s a lot about her beauty look that brides have used as inspiration for their own weddings.

Another part of her look that brides (and even us) want to emulate is her nails. Markle wore a chic and understated manicure for her big day but nobody knew which shades she used – until now.

Nail salon DryBy London has revealed that it was behind Markle’s wedding manicure. Following on from a Vogue UK article, which revealed the news, DryBy London later confirmed it themselves with an Instagram post. The salon also revealed that it created a bespoke finish for Markle by mixing two different nail polish shades together.

For Markle’s wedding manicure, DryBy London used one layer of CND Shellac Color Coat in Unmasked, £15.50, a pretty nude pink. They then painted on two coats of CND Shellac Color Coat in Negilgee, £15.95, a sheer opalescent baby pink.

The result was a gorgeous opaque finish, that’s a step away from the traditionally sheer manicures we often see on the Royal family. Additionally, by opting for Shellac formulas, Markle’s manicure will have lasted for at least two weeks, which is why it’s a popular choice amongst brides and anybody going on holiday.

DryBy London also added that it used two coats of CND Shellac Gel Polish in Cashmere Wrap, £18.43, for her bridal pedicure.

Tempted to try Markle’s bridal manicure for yourself? Every nail polish used is available online, or you could request ‘the Markle’ at your next manicure appointment…

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    DryBy London applied one coat of CND’s Unmasked.

    CND Shellac Color Coat in Unmasked, £15.50


  • DryBy London then painted two coats of CND’s Negligee on top.

    CND Shellac Power Polish in Negligee, £15.95


  • How to copy Meghan Markle’s wedding pedicure

    DryBy London applied two coats of CND’s Cashmere Wrap for Meghan Markle’s bridal pedicure.

    CND Shellac Gel Polish in Cashmere Wrap, £18.43


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