This Victoria's Angel swears by it, but are the beauty benefits of ice cubes worth the hype?

Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo’s secret to starting her day off the right way is a trick preferred by doyennes of Old Hollywood like Joan Crawford.

“The first thing I usually do when I wake up is I head to my fridge and I grab an ice cube, the ice really wakes me up, and it’s all natural,” she said in a video for Vogue Australia documenting her skincare routine. Incorporating ice into one’s beauty regimen is obviously cost effective, but its benefits have been circulating like an urban legend for the last 100 years. Crawford, for example, used to submerge her face into a small bowl of ice twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening – which is said to natural tighten and brighten the skin.

Or, if you can’t brave that, try 25 splashes of icy cold water to get you going, whether it’s removing cleanser or letting your skin know it’s time to start the day. It’s purported to shrink your pores and at the very least maintain the ageing process. Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss also swear by it.

Facialists have long been hyping the affects it can have on your complexion by improving circulation and specialists say that DIY freezing can also be used to comfort acne and sculpt your cheekbones.

Brendan Molloy, owner of the South William Clinic & Spa said the benefits of sub-zero temperatures are two-fold: firstly, in stimulating the skin cells to produce collagen and elastin for anti-ageing and also for reducing pain and inflammation. And it’s this Old-Hollywood beauty legend that has inspired a myriad beauty treatments using cold to wake up your skin.

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“People sticking their head in ice is the more DIY way of doing it,” he told Style. “That subjection to really low temperatures stimulates skin cells to produce collagen and elastin.”

“We have clients who use it for a number of different reasons. In some cases, in older women it gives a nice plumpness to the skin and the cold can also help bring down inflammation. It improves the blood flow in the area that you’re treating by stimulating blood flow. Skin cells are essentially sitting idle, but a blast of cold gets everything moving with the collagen and elastin fibres, which reproduce.

Jenny Murnane, senior beauty therapist and celebrity facialist at MudPie Beauty Cottage, says the benefits of ice also extend to problem skin like acne.”Ice constricts the blood vessels even more and would improve the blood flow to your skin and the circulation,” she told us. “It’s supposed to be very good for calming and soothing acne and helps minimise oil production in your skin, in addition to soothing the bumps and swelling caused by acne.

“If you put ice over a serum or cream at the end of your skincare routine, the ingredients will penetrate deeper into the skin.”

However, it’s not recommended for those with rosacea as it can cause a reaction. And, like anything, if it in doubt – ask your doctor first.

“I’ve heard if you rub an ice cube on your face before applying your foundation, it tightens the skin and closes the pores which gives you a flawless finish – but I have to try that one out myself!

“Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are most effective, like warm water with lemon in the mornings,” she said.

It turns out your best beauty hack has been sitting in your freezer this entire time.

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