Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In California

The Golden State, stretching over most of the entire western coast of the United States, is home to a plethora of flourishing cities and wealthy districts. From the movie-star hub of Los Angeles to the booming trades of San Francisco, California is simply dripping with luxury. It’s no surprise that some of the world’s best and priciest restaurants were established in this state. Not only are the eateries of California very high class, but they also feature a wide variety of cultural dishes from around the world.

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Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most expensive restaurants found in California. Several of these have been noticed by various celebrities and famous figures for their excellence!

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10 Saison

The most expensive restaurant in all of California, this three Michelin-starred eatery will set you back $398 for a single person, with meals for two often going over $1,000, even before wine or drinks are factored in. Saison in San Francisco features some of the world’s most luxurious seafood served in unique and creative ways. The restaurant has only eight tables, and the cooking is done right in front of your eyes.

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Although getting a spot at Saison could be tricky, guests have been known to savor every bite. Their 22-course tasting menu consists of delicacies such as golden trout roe, Dungeness crab, and Fort Bragg sea urchin on a slab of sour bread.

9 Urasawa

Catering to no more than ten guests per night, Urasawa is an extremely exclusive restaurant nestled into the glamour of Los Angeles. It’s one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in the country, earning two Michelin stars in its name. Hiroyuki Urasawa is known for his masterful sushi skills that are craved all over the world.

If you’re lucky enough to score a seat, come prepared with lots of cash. Dinner for one costs $400 at this pricey restaurant, and the bill will almost definitely go above $1,000 for a date. Nonetheless, people from all over the country visit this establishment for their famous Kobe beef, live shrimp, and foie gras.

8 The Restaurant at Meadowood

Located in Napa Valley, The Restaurant at Meadowood is an amazing example of upscale fine dining suitable for royalty. The eatery offers a 10-course tasting menu for $275, and a 20-course for about $500. If you throw in wine pairings and calculate the sales taxes, a meal for two can easily go above $1500, which could be compared to the price of a new MacBook!

Although the dining is certainly pricey, The Restaurant at Meadowood does everything in its power to suit the comfort needs of every guest. Contrary to other Michelin-starred eateries, you can leave your suits and jackets at home and enjoy signature dishes such as the marbre of rabbit and the chermoula-rubbed duck in some comfy jeans!

7 Providence

If you’ve got a few hundred bucks in loose change and an appetite for seafood, Providence in Los Angeles is a sure bet for a nice dinner. The master chef here focuses primarily on the natural flavors of fresh ingredients, and will never bore your taste buds with excessive spices and flavorings. You’ll be able to get a sample of the tasty seafood for around $165 to $325 per meal.

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Although the dishes are pricey, guests have provided nothing but compliments. In addition to the quality of the ingredients, each dish looks like it belongs in an art gallery. Guest favorites include caviar uni, wagyu beef, and fresh sashimi with chiles.

6 Capo

Capo is a hugely popular Italian-style restaurant located in Santa Monica, California. The eatery presents a rustic yet refreshing atmosphere from both inside and out, featuring high-beamed ceilings and a cozy fireplace. Since prices for a la carte plates range from $20 to $240, your meals can be as cheap as $50 for one or go all the way up to $500, before tips and taxes.

The most expensive option on the menu is a tiny one-ounce portion of Beluga caviar, which will set you back over two hundred bucks. Other favorites include the New Zealand King Salmon, the Linguini Beluga, and a chocolate souffle for dessert.

5 Manresa

Located in Los Gatos, California, Manresa is an extremely posh Michelin-starred restaurant focusing on modern American interpretations. The cost per person ranges from $130-$185 depending on the tasting menu you choose, although wine pairings can easily double that amount.

The menus are known to change with the seasons, but all dishes are known for their creativity in both aesthetics and taste. Some of the past guest favorites include Kusshi Oysters with butter, Sturgeon Caviar, Spot Prawn with Asparagus, and salted butter ice cream. Although the restaurant suffered a damaging fire in 2014, it came back with new and improved dishes and an even stronger atmosphere.


Nestled in the busy streets of San Francisco, COI presents contemporary American cuisine with a touch of grace and elegance often associated with Paris. Each dish in its signature eleven-course meal is both a feast for the eyes and the palate, and it can be yours for a hefty price of $250. In fact, the single tasting menu is the only thing offered each night. Even with the jaw-dropping price, getting a seat at COI is extremely difficult due to the restaurant’s popularity.

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The most recent selection features chilled eggplant soup, grilled tofu with butter lettuce and seaweed, poached lamb, as well as blackberries with lemon balm, to name a few dishes.

3 Benu

Benu is yet another high-class restaurant located in the bustling hub of San Francisco. This contemporary American/Asian venue has a strong focus on seafood, although they also offer a plethora of tasty vegetable and meat dishes in their only menu option. While the dishes are fixed, Benu is very flexible regarding dietary restrictions as well as preferences, as long as you reach out early.

At $310 per person, you can enjoy delicacies such as monkfish liver, pork belly with kimchi, frog leg with mountain yam, and a faux shark fin soup. To finish up, Benu often goes to a salty and sweet tofu dessert.

2 The French Laundry

Located in Napa Valley, this quaint restaurant is one of the most famous in California and the entire United States. At $325 per person, this pricey restaurant is known to provide intricate dishes and very fresh ingredients. On the outside, The French Laundry consists of a historic looking stone cottage complete with real vines and traditional styling.

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Although the menu changes daily, The French Laundry hasn’t been a disappointment to anyone yet! The secret behind their amazingly fresh ingredients comes from a built-in culinary garden. Some of the most beloved delicacies include oysters with tapioca pearls, egg custard with truffle, and salmon tartare cornet.

1 Atelier Crenn

Finally, we have Atelier Crenn, a small restaurant located in a quaint neighborhood of San Francisco. With the restaurant only seating 20-25, getting a reservation is no easy feat. However, if you manage to slip into this exclusive dining establishment, you’ll surely be amazed by both the service and the meal.

The head chef focuses on sustainable produce, and each dish is created perfectly to satisfy your hunger. At $464 for two, you can enjoy unique flavors such as tomato jelly with trout roe, abalone in oyster creme fraiche, and Maine lobster with citrus fennel. Perhaps the most unique of all is the rare Wagyu beef topped with white truffle shavings!

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