VS Supermodel Gizele Oliveira Reveals The Workout She Does At Home To Stay In Amazing Shape

Victoria’s Secret model, Gizele Oliveira, shared with HL EXCLUSIVELY, the workout she does at home that keeps her in tip-top shape!

If you’re looking for a new workout, what better way to get motivated than with Victoria’s Secret model, Gizele Oliveira, 26. The stunning model shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the exercises she does at home to stay in shape. “The type of workout I do is really easy to do at home. I don’t need any weights or machines. It’s more of a functional workout,” Gizele revealed.

“Now is an amazing time to follow gyms and fitness bloggers on Instagram, every day they do lives and lately they’ve been posting lots of good workouts you can do at home without any machines! I have a personal trainer that trains me via FaceTime, but it’s always super simple functional stuff. Using chairs and couches to do lower body workouts, your own body weight for abs, stuff like that.” As for ways to get your blood flowing in between working from home, Gizele shared, “Stretches for sure!”

Finding the motivation to actually workout can be tough, but Gizele admitted, “To me it’s very hard to work out by myself, so having a trainer helped me a lot with that because I feel a little pressure to keep moving. I also feel happier and that I’m doing something good while I’m stuck at home.” Another way to get motivated, Gizele shared, “I saw a very funny meme that said: ‘If you want any motivation to workout at home, put a swimsuit on while at home instead of pajamas!’”

There are so many amazing different workouts to try at home and you can click through the gallery above to see all of the best in fitness and health to keep you motivated!

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