What in the Actual Hell Is a "Leg Mask" — and Where Has It Been All My Life?

What in the Actual Hell Is a “Leg Mask” — and Where Has It Been All My Life?

I am of the firm belief that, as a beauty editor, no body part is too sacred for experimentation. Thou must be willing to lose the shoes to take the latest foot peel for a spin, or drop trou to investigate the skin-softening effects of a butt mask. That’s just responsible journalism.

Still, the propensity to treat my legs to anything beyond a nice shave once a month — resting on the hypothetical possibility that someone ends up in my bed one night — simply slipped my mind. Then Nair dropped a line of leg masks that are part-depilatory, part-skincare ingredients, and I suddenly felt bad for my negligence. Obviously your stems could use some TLC, too, even if you’ve shielded them from the world via pants all season.

I vowed to try the formula immediately. Hell, I’ve already masked every other inch of my body (well, minus my armpits, but there’s always time) so I figured, how hard could it be? After a few glasses of Merlot, I was ready to slather it up. What happened next was . . . maybe a little outside of my job description.

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