11 major changes Netflix's 'To All the Boys' sequel made from the book

  • Warning: Spoilers ahead for "To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You."
  • "To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You," which is a sequel to 2018's "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," and based on the second book in Jenny Han's trilogy, was released on Netflix in mid-February. 
  • The film deviated from Han's novel in a few ways, from the location of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky's first date as a real couple to the reason why the protagonist chose him over John Ambrose McClaren. 
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Netflix reinvigorated the rom-com genre when "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," the first of a trilogy of movies based on novels by Jenny Han, hit the streaming service in August 2018.

The popularity of the movie inspired girls to dress as the protagonist for Halloween and resulted in a surge in fame for leads Lana Condor (Lara Jean Song Covey) and Noah Centineo (Peter Kavinsky), who have landed plenty of cover stories since then.

The sequel, titled "To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You," was released on Netflix in mid-February and centered on a love triangle involving Lara Jean, Peter, and childhood friend John Ambrose McClaren (Jordan Fisher).

Like most movie adaptations, "TATB 2" strays from its source material in a few ways. Here are the biggest changes the sequel made. 

Josh, the Covey family's next-door neighbor and one of Lara Jean's love letter recipients, is completely absent from the movie.

Josh, portrayed by Israel Broussard, played a key role in the first movie. He and Lara Jean were good friends, then things got messy when Kitty (Anna Cathcart) mailed Lara Jean's old love letter to Josh without telling her. Josh didn't appear in the movie at all, but he was mentioned briefly during the Fakesgiving scene.   

In the second book, Josh was still part of Lara Jean's life, but not as much as before. They agreed to continue being friends despite his and Margot's breakup a few months prior. Josh also admitted that he wrongfully judged Peter. Lara Jean and Josh, who got accepted to UVA early, continued to be friends, but they were more distant and Josh eventually got a girlfriend named Liza Booker. 

Lara Jean and Peter's first date as a real couple involved a fancy dinner at an Italian restaurant.

In the movie, Peter picked up Lara Jean from her house and they dined at a restaurant so lavish that it had "big menus" and two forks per person. 

In Han's novel, the couple went to see a movie together and then ate at Biscuit Soul Food, Peter's favorite restaurant.

Lara Jean and Peter verbally promised not to break each others' hearts.

While decorating a lantern, Lara Jean told Peter that she was worried about the possibility of them breaking up. In response, Peter vowed not to do that, and she said the same thing as she wrote their initials on a lantern and released it.

In the book, the pair admitted that dating for real felt a little weird. As a solution, Peter suggested they create a new contract with rules like "Lara Jean will only go to parties if she feels like it" and "Lara Jean and Peter will always tell each other the truth. The seventh and final rule was that the couple "will not break each other's hearts." 

Lara Jean received a letter from John Ambrose after celebrating Korean New Year, but didn't write him back.

In the letter, John Ambrose marveled at how "mature" Lara Jean was when she wrote the letter and recalled them reading "Harry Potter" books in the neighborhood tree house. After deliberating for a while about whether or not she should respond to his letter and drafting a few notes, Lara Jean chose not to respond.  

In the book, Lara Jean got a response from him after Valentine's Day. In the letter, John said that her heartfelt words made him feel nostalgic and remember things like reading together in a tree house. He also mentioned briefly spotting Lara Jean at a Model UN event, referring to a moment from the first novel.

Lara Jean went on to write John Ambrose and ask if he could send her back her childhood letter so she could see what was written. They also sent a few more letters to each other before finally meeting up in real life at the time capsule party.

In the movie, Lara Jean and John Ambrose reconnected after coincidentally signing up to be volunteers at the Belleview retirement home.

Lara Jean was immediately taken by surprise when she heard John Ambrose's voice and slipped on a jar of candy that spilled on the ground. The two went on to assist with games of bingo at the retirement home and reminisce about their childhood memories. 

In the book, one of the plot twists was that John Ambrose turned out to be the grandson of Stormy, one of the elderly people at Belleview (played on-screen by Holland Taylor). Lara Jean, who decided to become an activities coordinator at Belleview, learned about John Ambrose's connection to Stormy when he showed up to a cocktail hour at the retirement home. 

Lara Jean realized she loved John Ambrose at a Halloween party.

In her love letter to John Ambrose, Lara Jean recalled dressing up as French toast for a party and feeling "lame" because none of the other kids seemed to put effort into their costumes. Then she saw John Ambrose dressed as a Deviled egg and felt "lame in a cool way." 

In the book, Lara Jean fell in love in the eighth grade, when they got caught in the rain after gym class. John Ambrose grabbed her hand as they ran, and that's when she knew she loved him.

John Ambrose played the piano.

After the time capsule party, Lara Jean approached John Ambrose in the basement of Belleview as he was playing the instrument. John Ambrose said he felt "embarrassed" for feeling like Lara Jean was interested in him, then told her that no one called him by his first and middle names until Lara Jean started it when they were kids. 

In the book, John Ambrose and Lara Jean had a similar conversation, but playing the piano isn't one of his skills.

Fisher, who improvised the melody, told Insider that his character is "a sophisticated individual" and it made sense for him to play the piano so he could "have some sort of release and catharsis."

The Coveys gathered with Peter and Trina Rothschild, Mr. Covey's new love interest, for their annual Fakesgiving celebration in March.

They ate green beans from a can, which was a nod to Lara Jean's late mother. Mr. Covey explained that he got invited to a Thanksgiving party at a dorm while in college, and the person hosting the event in March was "the coolest girl I ever saw," who turned out to be his future wife named Eve. That year, Mr. Covey showed up to the Fakesgiving celebration with a can of green beans and she made fun of him, which turned out to be her way of flirting with him.  

In Han's novel, Mr. Covey spoke to Lara Jean about Fakesgiving, but they never hosted their own celebration. He told Lara Jean that the first time he met her mom was at Fakesgiving, which was held in May, and Eve "gave me a hard time because I brought canned green beans and not fresh ones."

There was no game of Assassins in the movie.

In Han's second novel, the game, in which players are assigned a target to sneakily tag, was a major plot point. Lara Jean, Peter, John Ambrose, Gen, Trevor, and Chris agreed to play the game after it came up in conversation while at the time capsule party.

Lara Jean was considered the worst at the game and Gen said it was because she "doesn't have the killer instinct." However, she was determined to beat Gen, win the game, and prove that she wasn't a "soft little marshmallow."

Lara Jean and John Ambrose slow danced, played in the snow, and kissed while attending the Star Ball at Belleview.

In the movie, Lara Jean and John Ambrose kissed and they both realized that she still had feelings for Peter. Then, she left the party, ran into Peter, and they kissed. 

In the book, Lara Jean and John Ambrose went to a party planning meeting at Belleview, ahead of their 1940s USO-themed celebration. While decorating the venue, it began to snow (which was peculiar since it was April) and they had a snowball fight outside. John Ambrose told Lara Jean, who had broken up with Peter, that he would have kissed her if she wasn't still "hung up" on her ex. 

When it came to the actual party, Lara Jean and John Ambrose attended together, danced, and helped clean up afterward. While outside, Lara Jean had an awkward confrontation with Peter and Gen, who happened to be walking by. Because they were still in the middle of playing Assassins and Lara Jean didn't want to get tagged by Gen and lose, she hopped in John Ambrose's red Mustang and they sped off. At a red light on the road, John Ambrose kissed Lara Jean. 

Lara Jean's reason for choosing Peter over John Ambrose is different.

In the movie, Lara Jean told Stormy that when she kissed John Ambrose she "wanted him to be someone else." 

Comforting her, Stormy said: "Sometimes you have to kiss the wrong man to know what's right." 

As Lara Jean left the Star Ball, she bumped into Peter, who came to pick her up because he knew she didn't like driving in the snow. He also told Lara Jean to "break my heart into a thousand pieces. Do whatever you want." Then they both said that they loved each other and kissed

In the book, Lara Jean told John Ambrose that she "could fall in love with you so easily" and "of all the boys, you're the one I would pick."

However, she added that she still loved Peter and "he got here first."

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