12 Texts from Celebs' Moms That You Will Profoundly Understand

Who amongst us hasn’t spontaneously burst into laughter upon receiving a text from our moms?

A lifelong relationship, paired with the biting humor that only a parental figure can serve up, gives mothers an edge when it comes to setting our inboxes alight. And though celebrities’ lives are filled with luxury vacations, glamorous red carpet events and hangouts with other stars, the rich and famous aren’t immune to the occasional hilarious text from a mom.

Fortunately, many are kind enough to share the receipts so we can join in the fun. It’s basically like receiving a side-splitting message from your own parent — you know, if they wanted to chat about your Emmy Award-winning TV show or to remind you of your (major) glow-up since childhood.

Reese Witherspoon

Talking with your mom about your hit TV show, which just so happens to have a few intimate scenes, doesn’t have to be awkward, right? Right?

In case you needed further proof that Reese’s mom is her biggest stan, allow these words of encouragement to power you, too.

Hilary Duff

Even when their kids are adults, moms can’t resist flexing that parent muscle — even on their offsprings’ birthdays.


Zendaya’s mom quite literally trolled her.

It’s fair to say that she’s taken it to an art form. Allow us to present Exhibit B:

Michelle Obama

Even former first ladies get trolled by their moms. Naturally, it was flawless.

Mandy Moore

When your mom stans your costar’s character just a little bit more than yours.

Olivia Munn

Sometimes the trolling (lovingly) goes both ways — as when your mom thinks she’s outside of the loop on your love life.

Emma Roberts

May we all wake up to texts from our moms calling us queens.

Carrie Underwood

We aspire to reach a place where our moms text us in response to our awards show appearances.

Miranda Cosgrove

Raise your hand if your mom hasn’t said this to you once or twice or 100 times. No one?

Ariana Grande

We want Ariana’s mom’s text to be our alarm clock every day for the rest of our lives.

Kris Jenner

Like everything else in her life, Kris Jenner’s text inbox is goals.

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