50 Cent’s Ex Accuses Rapper of Having An STD After He Slams Her for Plastic Surgery — Feud Escalates

The drama between 50 Cent and his ex, Shaniqua Tompkins, has reached a WHOLE new level of petty. See their latest shocking disses toward one another here!

The social media battle between 50 Cent and the mother of his child, Shaniqua Tompkins, has gone on for years, and the pair was at it again on Jan. 7. This time, it was 50 who started the war, posting a photo of a body covered in a complete body cast. “My first international tour I came back Shaniqua was like Boo, that’s you LOL,” the meme read. He expanded in the photos caption, “She went and got her body done, I thought she was doing real estate with that money. Said what the f*** you do b****.”

Well, Shaniqua wasn’t just going to let 50 shame her publicly like that, so she took to her Instagram story and posted a screen shot of a Google search for ‘genital herpes,’ and added, “Can you get plastic surgery for this? Asking for my baby daddy.” By referencing 50’s plastic surgery message, Shaniqua made it clear that he was the ex who she was talking about! 50 and Shaniqua dated in the 90s and welcomed a son, Marquise, together in 1996. However, when they split, she sued him for $50 million, although a judge eventually dismissed the case.

Still, there’s been clear bad blood between the two ever since, and they aren’t afraid to get SUPER petty when it comes to calling one another out on Instagram. Last month, 50 referred to Shanique as a “bitter old b****,” while she slammed him as a “clown” in a post of her own. 50 calls people out on social media quite a lot — just ask Madonna or Wendy Williams — but going at it with the mother of his child is on a WHOLE different level.

However, 50 and Marquise don’t exactly have a close relationship, either. In fact, the two of them have dissed each other on Instagram, as well. “Y’all wonder why I don’t respect him as a man or father?” Marquise wrote after 50’s ‘bitter old b****’ dig. “You had a good run but it’s over big fella lol it’s been a decade. You’re 40+ you can grow up any day now.” Zing! Seems like this trio needs some family counseling ASAP!

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