A Place In The Sun’s Laura Hamilton breaks silence on car accident as buyer fears blame

Laura Hamilton reveals she’s locked herself out of villa

A Place In The Sun host Laura Hamilton has experienced her fair share of behind-the-scenes mishaps, but none more vivid than the moment the presenter skidded off the road in her car. The Channel 4 presenter got caught up in an accident when her vehicle slid off the road, following heavy rain in Italy while filming abroad.

The 38-year-old has since addressed the car accident, as the property expert explained the house hunter on the show believed they were to blame.

It comes after Laura took a potential buyer to a property in a remote part of the country, because they had asked for total isolation.

The presenter confessed she was slightly taken aback by the house hunter’s request of living alone, without friends or family.

“My initial thought was, ‘Are you sure? You’re completed isolated’,” Laura remarked.

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“It’s one thing to think I want to live in this country and have peace and quiet.

“But the reality of living like that, if you’re on your own, is you’ve got to be able to drive.”

Laura explained the buyer was “adamant” and so the team showed her an isolated property on top of a hill.

The presenter later left the home and drove her car downhill, but skidded off the road.

Laura recalled: “I literally slid down this hill and went off-road into all of these reeds.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God. The car is stuck what am I going to do?'”

The Channel 4 presenter called the show’s producer for help but it wasn’t long before disaster struck again.

“We managed to get my vehicle out of the mud and we turned around and went back up to the house,” Laura revealed.


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She added: “We were stuck [in mud] for seven hours and had to have tractors pull us out.”

Laura said the house hunter took the blame for the accident due to her desire to view a home in a remote location.

The Channel 4 presenter commented: “The lady, Sue, who wanted the house was devastated and she said, ‘This is all my fault, I feel so bad.’

“I told her she shouldn’t blame herself. Because it’s times like this that make it a memorable experience.”

Fortunately, Laura and the production team came out of the car disaster unscathed, but the presenter did recall a downside.

“I put flip flops on and they were so thick with mud. It was so funny,” Laura chuckled.

Meanwhile, A Place In The Sun has returned to Channel 4 this month with brand new episodes.

Laura is assisting married couple, psychiatrist Joe, and fellow NHS worker Fiona, find their dream holiday home on the idyllic Greek island of Kefalonia, which they first fell in love with 15 years ago on a sailing trip.

For their budget of £250,000, they’re looking for a property with enough room to entertain all their family including their newborn grandson.

Speaking about the new episode, Laura dished: “I had never been to Kefalonia before and it was absolutely amazing. It took my breath away.”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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