Adele’s 73 Questions for Vogue: She chose Prince Harry over Prince William

Adele is the November cover star of both American Vogue and British Vogue. She did two separate photoshoots and two separate interviews. American Vogue got Adele at home and the gym, British Vogue got Adele in New York and a visit to a museum. As it turns out, both magazines got Adele to do separate cool videos. American Vogue got Adele to do their “73 Questions” feature, which brings out the best in many cover subjects. Adele is no different – she’s so funny in this video, and we get to see her house!! At long last. The beautiful blue cabinets in her kitchen! The nice rugs! The slightly overgrown garden!

Some quickies: Cate Blanchett is her style icon, she thinks John Mayer is very sweet (because he was nice and supportive to her personally), she thinks Jonathan Major or Idris Elba should be the next James Bond, she prefers Blur to Oasis, and the Spice Girls over The Beatles (sacrilege!). She owns a piece of gum chewed by Celine Dion (she had it framed) and her top three Beyonce albums are, in order, I Am Sasha Fierce, Lemonade and B’Day. She was also given a choice of who she prefers, Prince William or Prince Harry. She chose HARRY!

Meanwhile, Adele’s British Vogue video was a “blind taste test” of British food. She was ready to fight about some of these dishes! It’s pretty good, and I love that she doesn’t f–k with blood sausages in the Full English Breakfast. Also love that she taught herself to cook from reading Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks.

Screencaps courtesy of Vogue.

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