Aftermath of Love Island appearance left Scarlett Moffatt unable to leave house

Scarlett Moffatt has opened up about how trolling over a photo of herself left her feeling depressed and unable to leave her house.

The 29-year-old Extra Camp presenter took to Instagram to reminisce about the dark moment in her life and how she had completely changed her outlook since.

Scarlett had been cruelly trolled for being "fat" during her appearance on Love Island Aftersun last year in July.

But in a strong post, she hit back and called for everyone to "love themselves", regardless of their size or appearance.

She wrote: "Its mental health awareness week and the focus is on body image ❤️ I used to avoid this photo it would upset me because even thinking about this moment where I got trolled for the way I looked reminded me of the state of depression it sent me in to the point where I didn’t even want to leave the house!

"But I don’t think that looking at this photo now! NOW I see a young girl living her best life appearing on a show she loves, showing off her best assets and her curves.

"As far as becoming a good role model as like everyone I’m not and haven’t been perfect all I can do going forward is to try and help people, People like me who felt like their body defines them.

"Its important we look after our bodies by eating good foods and exercising but we can do that whatever our shape or size. The truth is we have to be happy within ourselves, our brain is the most important thing we have to look after!!

"Our bodies are beautiful no matter what anybody tries to tell us or persuade us to think. Throw your middle finger up to anyone who tells you your too thin, too fat, your stretch marks are ugly, your body isn’t the right shape, your boobs are too small, too big, your bums too flat or too fat or you’re too fake!

"Don’t listen to them. LOVE YOURSELF BECAUSE LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Please young girls and boys, ladies and men, be kind to yourself. Our mental health is everything please have breaks from social media, delete people on social media who make you feel bad about yourself, speak with family and friends, speak to your gp or helplines, just do NOT suffer alone and never feel like your beautiful body is not enough.

"Live your best life  #mentalhealthawareness #bodyimage   #mentalhealth   #selflove #selfcare ."

The former Gogglebox star was praised for her post, with Keith Lemon writing: "Nowt wrong with that picture. You look beautiful. Don’t listen to any trolls. Who cares what trolls say? They’re trolls! Nobody wants to hang with trolls. They’re rubbish!"

While Love Island star Laura Anderson commented: "Adore! I remember this day-I loved looking at your boobies (I think I might have even touched them) Words to perfection btw."

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