Alec Baldwin mocks arrest during ‘Saturday Night Live’ return

Alec Baldwin returned to “Saturday Night Live” and mocked his arrest for allegedly punching a man in a brawl over a parking spot.

The 60-year-old star reprised his role as President Trump Saturday — a month after being accused of slugging a 49-year-old motorist in the face on a Manhattan street.

“God, I haven’t been this upset since I flipped out over that parking space,” says Baldwin, as Trump, during the “cold open” sketch.

The scene focused on Baldwin’s Trump fretting about special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election meddling.

“Melania, I’m having trouble sleeping,” Baldwin says. “I keep having a nightmare where I’m walking in a forest of blood.”

“No, no that was just my Christmas decorations,” responds the first lady, played by Cecily Strong, referencing the 40 blood-red trees installed in the White House for the holidays that have been mocked for looking like the backdrop of a horror movie.

Actress Kate McKinnon then pops in as Rudy Giuliani to give the mock-president the latest update on the Mueller investigation.

“Well, the good news is it’s almost over,” she says.

“And the bad news?” Baldwin’s Trump asks.

“It’s almost over,” Strong responds.

After that tidbit, Baldwin’s Trump calls his former attorney Michael Cohen, played by actor Ben Stiller, and tells him: “I’m sad you’re going to prison, Michael, you’re like a son to me.”

Baldwin’s Trump then adds that he hasn’t been this upset since the parking spot incident, the only allusion to the “30 Rock” star’s latest legal troubles.

The hot-headed actor appeared in court last week and insisted he didn’t punch anyone over a parking spot — although he admitted to cops he did push a guy for being “an a–hole” who “stole my spot.”

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