Alice Ripley Claims ‘There’s Absolutely No Validity’ to Grooming Allegations Against Her

The Broadway actress, who won a Tony Award for ‘Next to Normal’ in 2009, has vehemently denied the damning allegations suggesting she groomed an underage girl for sex 10 years ago.

AceShowbiz -Tony Award-winning actress Alice Ripley has denied reports she groomed a 12-year-old girl for sex a decade ago.

The Broadway star who took home an acting Tony in 2009 for her performance in the musical “Next to Normal“, has been accused of preparing TikTok user @lovelyleobrie, aka Brie Lynn, for sex.

Lynn claimed the grooming continued for years in a new video.

“Growing up is realising I was groomed by a Tony Award-winning Broadway actress,” the accuser said, showing off several photos of herself as a child with Ripley.

“Our first conversation was about a photo of you in lingerie. I was12 & when I was 13 you told me that the first time we locked eyes you felt like the world stopped. I’ve spent 10 years trying to convince myself it didn’t happen, that I was in the wrong.”

“You separated me from all of the friends I had made & you made me HATE the Broadway community I once loved.”

Ripley has responded to the allegations, telling Page Six, “Recently, a claim has been made online against me. There’s absolutely no validity to any of it. I appreciate everyone’s continued support.”

Bob Dylan is also currently facing similar allegations. He’s accused of groomed a 12-year-old girl for sex, plied her with drugs and alcohol, and abused her at his Chelsea Hotel apartment in New York in 1965.

His rep vehemently denied any wrongdoings, “This 56-year-old claim is untrue and will be vigorously defended.”

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