Alyssa Milano & Holly Marie Combs React To ‘Charmed’ Producer’s Explanation Of Why She Quit

Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs are responding to Krista Vernoff‘s explanation of why she left the original series as a producer.

In her interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Krista, who is the current showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy, opened up about leaving the long running WB turned CW series and says it was because she believed the network’s “objectifying notes” were leading her to create a show that was “bad for the world”.

“I signed on because Charmed was a girl-power show,” she shared. “About halfway through there was an episode where Alyssa Milano comes out in mermaid pasties and there was a huge spike in male viewership, and then every episode after, the question would come from the network, ‘How are we getting the girls naked this week?’” she recalled.

Krista went on, adding that the viewership numbers kept “going up, and there’s all this pressure. All I can think is, I’m creating something that’s now bad for the world, and I’ve had enough ‘bad for the world’ in my life.”

Now, Alyssa and Holly have reacted to her quote, saying that Charmed was and still is a “girl power show” and isn’t bad for the world at all.

“Well, this absolutely broke my heart,” Alyssa wrote on her Twitter. “I hope we didn’t make something that was ‘bad for the world’ for eight years.”

Holly also commented on Krista‘s admission.

Previously, Holly has made headlines with her thoughts about the new Charmed series, which is currently in its third season on the CW.

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