Amanda Holden: ‘I don’t watch it’ Britain’s Got Talent judge makes startling revelation

Amanda Holden, 48, first appeared as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent in 2007 and has since become a regular fixture on the panel. The blonde beauty has since revealed she tends to not watch the show after it’s aired but does watch the start of the show to check her outfit is looking good. In an interview with Radio Times in 2016, the judge admitted her co-star Simon Cowell, 59, “doesn’t believe her” after she spilled her truth. Speaking to the publication she said: “[Simon] He doesn’t believe me! But it’s true.

“I don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent back afterwards, either, although Simon always does. I just watch the beginning to check the outfit looks OK.

“The only time I watched it was when Pudsey won.”

Pudsey, the border collie dog, won the series back in 2012, alongside his owner Ashleigh Butler as the pair performed as a duo act.

It is unclear if Amanda still feels the same about watching Britain’s Got Talent back these days.

Meanwhile, the TV star has since made a return to the judging panel for the new series of the talent competition, where she is joined by her fellow co-stars Simon, Alesha Dixon, 40, and David Walliams, 47.

The beauty recently spilled who she would like to see make a return to the show, and it was none other than former judge Piers Morgan, 54.

The talent judge said she “misses him” but wasn’t sure if her co-stars felt the same as her.

Speaking to The Sun, Amanda divulged: “I personally miss him. I don’t think anyone else does.

“There’s no room because David’s quite a lump on the end so, yeah, I think he’s the off-camera, and we know that Piers doesn’t do off-camera.”

She added: “It would be more like a subs bench wouldn’t it, if they invited him back?”

Piers first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2008 before he left the panel in 2011.

The Good Morning Britain presenter recently took a swipe at the show’s ratings as he suggested his exit was the reason they’ve supposedly dropped.

Earlier this month, the TV host told his co-stars on the morning show: “When were the highest ratings for Britain’s Got Talent in it’s… how many series now, 13?

“Oh I remember, it’s when I was on it. 20.3 million people watched the Susan Boyle final, it’s about half that now.”

He added: “But Simon, I’m available to boost those ratings. If you wanna get a bit of the old GMB magic, just write a big cheque baby and I’ll be there.”

Entertainment reporter, Richard Arnold, interjected: “[BGT] It’s still the number one show on television.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns tonight at 8pm on ITV

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