Amanda Holden’s most complained about BGT dresses exposed

Amanda Holden’s plunging gown received a record-breaking 663 complaints in 2017

Amanda donned an £11,000 sheer dress by Julien MacDonald which received a whopping 663 Ofcom complaints. The figure-hugging frock featured a plunging neckline trailing down to her cleavage and stomach.

Amanda Holden said she draws her fashion inspiration from people such as Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge admitted she always wants to “take risks” with her ensembles and said she hates the phrase “dressing for your age”.

The 52-year-old has often found herself at the hands of a number of Ofcom complaints for some of her racier choices.

Ahead of her return to the screen, we look back at some of her more controversial outfit choices which received the most complaints.

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Amanda Holden was left unfazed, hitting back that the complaints were “laughable”.

The eye-popping dress, which almost exposed her entire chest, wasn’t popular with viewers – who took to Ofcom to complain. She explained: “That dress was hysterical – it was Julien Macdonald. I had bits of fish wire underneath my breasts trying to hold that together.” Ofcom decided not to investigate the complaints.

Amanda Holden opted for a daringly low-cut blue dress which received 235 complaints

In 2020, Amanda had two rounds of complaints sent to Ofcom after viewers claimed she had exposed her nipples on TV.

Amanda Holden had opted for a lowcut midnight blue dress, which also had a daring leg split.

She took to social media to defend herself: “Mmmm, really? Who has nipples this close to their cleavage?

“FYI, a boned corset dented the girls all night. Surely there are more terrible and important things to write about.”

Amanda Holden turned heads in a spiderweb dress on Britain’s Got Talent in 2019

The BGT judge wore a lace dress with a spider web covering one of her breasts. As well as the sheer dress revealing half of her torso and side of her hip, the gown had a flower pattern running up the legs, covering her from below the navel.

Amanda Holden wore a Nicolas Jebran frock which was totally see-through on one side

Ofcom received nine complaints over the choice of dress, which some viewers deemed “inappropriate” for the family programme. However, the watchdog decided against investigating the matter.

Amanda Holden opted for a sheer one-sleeve frock with a thigh-high leg split on one side.

Once again becoming a talking point of the show, she found herself at the scrutiny of viewers on social media.

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