Amy Duggar Returns Home With Baby Boy Amid Family Feud Rumors

Last week, Amy Duggar welcomed her first child — a bouncing baby boy named Daxton.

Obviously, there’s no way to gauge this sort of thing, but the arrival of little Dax seemed to elicit more excitement than the usual Duggar birth.

Perhaps it was the fact that at 32, Amy is considerably older than most new moms in her family.

Maybe it’s a testament to Amy’s popularity with fans, many of whom admire her stubborn individualism in the face of intense pressure to conform to her uncle’s ultra-conservative views.

Whatever the case, the denizens of Duggar Nation are psyched about baby Dax.

And Amy is more than happy to oblige them with regular updates about her brand new bundle of joy:

Over the weekend, Amy posted a photo of Dax’s long-awaited homecoming.

(As many fans commenters pointed out, it appears that Amy spent 4-5 days in the hospital, which means either there were some mild complications, or she has really great health insurance.)

Naturally, she documented the occasion for her 400,000 Instagram followers.

“Headed home!!! King: Party of 3!” Amy captioned the pic.

“Our son has his own IG account! We wanted to grab it before it wasn’t available for when he’s older!” she added.

Yes, Dax has his own Instagram page already.

We’d make fun, but like gender reveal parties, infant IGs are probably a trend that’s already becoming the norm, if it hasn’t already.

“Can you believe I was sideways in mommy’s stomach and now I’m here!?! Let’s go home! In time to see my first Razorback game!” Amy (we assume) captioned the first photo from Dax’s page (below).

Daddy Dillon King posted the same pic, with a caption reading:

“[Daxton] and I are ready for the @razorbackfb game tonight! [Amy] we just have to get him into his #arkansasrazorbacks gear!” 

As with all things Duggar, the whole thing seems wholesome enough, but there are rumors of something seriously unpleasant lurking just beneath the surface.

As we reported last week, Jill Duggar is the only member of her family to visit Amy thus far.

The other Duggars have a pretty good excuse for not dropping by, as they’ve been visiting Jinger in Los Angeles.

Still, their absence has raised a lot of questions about the new mom’s standing with the rest of her family.

Conflicts between Amy and Jim Bob Duggar have made tabloid headlines several times over the years.

Now, many believe that the rumors of a reconciliation were bogus, and JB still does not approve of his niece’s lifestyle.

In recent months, there have been reports that Jill is not on good terms with the rest of their family.

The situation has led to a fan theory that she’s joined forces with her outcast cousin in a sort of rebel alliance.

That’s probably not true, but we really love the idea that two women of the younger generation are going head-to-head with the all-powerful Jim Bob.

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