Amy Hart starts lifestyle overhaul as she prepares to freeze eggs again

Love Island star Amy Hart explained the reason behind her 12 week fitness and healthy eating plan.

The 29 year old shared a stunning photo on Instagram of herself on holiday on Sunday with a glass of wine in a white matching tie front top and ruffle shorts.

As part of a longer caption, she wrote: “No bikini pics this holiday as sadly not feeling it, hopefully I’m gonna smash this 12 week plan and by the time I go away in January you’ll all be like, Amz, put some clothes on PLEASE.”

Amy later spoke directly to her 1.1 million followers in a series of Instagram Story videos to explain her decision to undertake a 12 week plan in more depth.

The star began: “Hello, um, I just wanted to clear something up. I’ve had a couple of messages from people saying you’re out of order about the the 12 week plan thing.

"Obviously I have tried to be as honest as possible with you and sort of just show you what I’m up too, obviously for the next 12 weeks, going to the gym three times a week and cooking really healthy meals will be part of my life so I will share that.”

“It’s not like I’m saying take these tablets and you’ll lose 4 stone in 3 days, like I’m eating healthily, I’m working out, I’m sleeping better, I’m not having 5 takeaways a week, I’m not drinking 10 bottles of wine a week – sad times. Do you know what I mean?”

She added: “And it’s alright sometimes, do you know what to say I don’t like the habits I’ve got into and I’m going to do better.”

The star added some context for her lifestyle changes too, explaining that she wants to improve her health to freeze her eggs in the new year.

She revealed: “Also, so I’m thinking about freezing my eggs again next year like at the beginning of next year so I need to be in you know a good place with my eating, like cutting down on my drinking, making sure I’m sleeping so my body is in tip top condition.”

In March, Amy revealed on Loose Women that a fertility test showed that she could go through early menopause.

The former Islander told the panellists: "I was very unlucky in dating and my whole thing was, 'What if I never have children?'

"My mum said to me, 'Well if you get to 35 and you haven’t met the right person, we would financially and emotionally support you to help you have a baby on your own."

She recounted her surprise at the results from the internal scan and ultra sound as she continued: “He said, 'Eggs are looking really good, so your AMH level is 8.5', which I thought was out of 10, so I’m thinking, 'Lovely, result!'

"It turns out it’s between 6 and 20, which is actually quite low for my age.

"So that’s your prognosis for how long you’ll be fertile for. They don’t know for sure – it’s not a guarantee, it might not work. But it’s an indicator and it fits in with my family history as well in that I’ll probably go through the menopause in early forties.

"I’ve always wanted to freeze my eggs, so I thought, 'I’d go to the Fertility MOT, it’s not going to be an issue'. So when he said that, I was like, 'Wow, ok.'"

Since then, Amy has started dating 31 year old Sam Ranson who she called “the one ” on Loose Women.

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