Angelina Jolie Loves Beige, But These 6 Tricks Ensure Her Outfits Are Never Boring

We've learned a handful of fashion lessons from Angelina Jolie, like never being afraid to power pose in a high-slit dress, or that caftans really do work for nearly every occasion. But perhaps some of the most useful tips the actress and humanitarian has taught us over the years is how to wear neutrals in a non-boring way.

After all, Jolie's own wardrobe is full of beige items, whether we're talking about her famous slide sandals or her favorite trench coat. Yet, even when she wearing this color from head to toe, Jolie makes it feel sleek, sophisticated, and exciting — and it all boils down to a few quick tricks.

Reach For Structured Pieces

Jolie often sticks to a color theme when getting dressed, which definitely helps make her all-beige outfits feel fresh and "put together" (we love a good monochromatic look). However, instead of reaching for super casual styles like your average sweatsuit, she'll wear loose trousers or breezy trench coats, which are structured and slightly elevated, yet still just as comfy.

Create Some Balance

Even when Jolie is stepping out in a beige suit and matching heels, she'll find a way to make this combo feel less stuffy and office-like. Back in July, she gave her outfit an easy, laid-back twist by styling her solid set with a classic white tee.

Invest In Wear-With-Everything Pieces

When the rest of your outfit is fairly statement-making, neutral footwear is always a smart choice. While many celebs turn to fresh white sneakers, Jolie seems to prefer beige heels, which are equally versatile yet fancy at the same time, and also won't distract from the rest of her look.

Think Outside the Box

Jolie has also amped up basic beige by stepping out in designs that aren't so traditional or expected. Instead of going with closet staples, she'll wear a dress with an interesting neckline and a hint of sparkle, just like she did at the 1998 Emmy Awards.

Embrace a Signature Style

Some may worry that wearing the same color over and over again might come across as boring, but as Jolie has proven, it's actually a great way to form a unique personal style. Over the years, we've associated both beige and breezy caftans as some of the actress' signature style elements, and some of her most enviable outfits include both.

Try a Pop of Metallic

Perhaps the easiest and Jolie-approved way to add spice to any solid, neutral ensemble is by working in a few metallic pieces. While your dress or pants will act as the foundation of your look, layered chain necklaces, silver shoes, or even sequin additions can add a much-needed pop as well as some excitement.

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