Angelina Pivarnick: I Haven’t Talked to Snooki Since She Ruined My Wedding!

As 2020 draws to a close, it seems absurd that anyone would still be dwelling on disasters that occurred in 2019.

But Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding is still creating some pretty entertaining drama, so lets dive into that mess for what probably will not be the last time.

We don’t know if Angelina will finally come face-to-face with Deena Nicole Cortese on Thursday’s episode of Jersey Shore.

But we do know that whenever they meet, there will probably be come harsh words exchanged over the topic of Angelina’s wedding.

If you’re a fan of the show we probably don’t need to tell you that the Deena, JWoww and Snooki’s bridesmaids speech at Angelina’s wedding was not well-received.

In fact, the backlash from the roast was so severe that Snooki quit Jersey Shore.

At this point, the controversy has less to do with the speech itself, and more to do with the aftermath.

The remaining ladies of the Shore cast believe that Angelina overreacted and is responsible for Snooki’s decision to leave the show.

Angelina and her defenders believe that the speech was out of line, and Pivarnick had every right to lash out.

We’re assuming this drama will eventually play out on Jersey Shore (whenever Angelina gets to Vegas and JWoww gets over her dental procedure, or whatever she has going on).

But for now, we’ll have to settle for watching it play out in interviews and on social media.

Angelina recently spoke to TooFab and revealed that she she texted all three of the bridesmaids, but only after Mike Sorrentino proofread the texts to make sure she wouldn’t be makinh things worse.

“He said send it, so good. It was such a nice text I sent to her and she was just like, ‘You know, I’m very hurt, I’m upset,'” said Pivarnick. 

“I was like, ‘I understand, but I’m also hurt,’ and we were going back and forth a little bit. We weren’t yelling at each other over text, we were being very calm, cool and collective [sic].”

So there was that one exchange of texts, but as far as actually taling face-to-face?

Well, despite the fact that Angelina and Snooki live in relatively close proximity to one another, they haven’t actually seen each other since the wedding.

“I still haven’t gotten my chance to sit down with her, but I’m willing,” she continued.

“She’s not filming anymore, unfortunately. I mean, listen, I would love to sit down with her. I really would love to have that chance to sit down with her and see where she’s at, see where I’m at. Let’s try to hash things out. Let’s try to put everything on the table,” Pivarnick continued.

From there, she reflected on the good times that she and Snooki enjoyed while filming the most recent seasons of Shore.

“She was my drinking buddy. Every time I’d go out, we were the last men standing,” said Angelina.

“Me and Nicole were just fun and even in New Orleans we were cute, we slept in the bed together, we were out until 6 in the morning galavanting New Orleans.”

Sounding like a politician offering vague hope during a crisis, Angelina went on to say that she envisions a future in which she and Snookit have successfully buried the hatchet.

“It’s really unfortunate right now,” she said.

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“So, whenever she wants to, I’m here. I’m willing to sit down. We’ll see if she ever will.”

Yeah, we hope they’ll eventually sit down together, too.

After all, this current season of Shore could certainly use the drama.

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