Are You Ready For It? Netflix Debuts Trailer for Its Taylor Swift ‘Reputation Tour’ Movie

Netflix announced it’s latest “Netflix Global Event” by dropping a trailer for it’s newest original content movie based on Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour. Netflix is calling the movie, quite informatively, The Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour, and the trailer released today shows various flash cuts from Taylor’s Reputation Tour performances.

Netflix will premiere the movie on its streaming platform with a bang on New Year’s Eve. And that means 12:00 am PT on December 31st to be specific. Who needs to find a boring New Year’s Eve party when one can ring in the New Year with Tay, right?

Netflix’s notes say that the movie will feature clips from the U.S. leg of Taylor’s Tour. Which means it will also include special appearances by both Camila Cabella and Charli XCX.

You can watch the trailer below.  

(Image source: Youtube)

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