Ariana Grande Fans Blown Away By Her Cringe-Worthy Speaking Voice Sounds In New Video

Ariana Grande’s new video for her single “Thank U, Next” has caught the attention of millions of fans. But, there’s a small clip along with the video that has sent fans into a major frenzy. According to Hollywood Life, the latest Ariana Grande clip stems from an interview she recently had with Billboard magazine. The “God Is A Woman” singer was reflecting on one of her childhood photos sharing details about the moment with fans. Apparently, Ariana took on an interesting accent that has blown fans completely away.

Going through a series of childhood photos, the singer stopped on one photo, in particular, where she is seen eating a cookie. “I don’t think there’s any shadier-looking person on the planet. That’s the shadiest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life…” Ariana Grande told the publication.

The next part of the video is what really turned heads. For a second, fans weren’t sure who was actually talking because Ariana Grande sounded like a totally different person. While Ariana Grande’s speaking voice typically sounds similar to her singing voice, things were totally different this time around. Many fans have expressed how the clip sounded as if the singer had picked up a New York accent. Ariana added, “B***h, dis my cookie, dis my juice, okay? Carry on. Thank you, next. That’s what this baby picture says. That’s crazy. If my kid ever looks at me like that, I’m gonna say oooh sh**t.”

Check out Ariana’s clip on Twitter.

Almost immediately after Ariana Grande’s video began circulating on social media, fans quickly noted the interesting part of the video and many have shared their reactions via social media. While some fans have found the video to be cool, others claim it actually made them cringe.

For Ariana, this week has been all about videos and clips. The latest reports follow the release of Ariana Grande’s new music video “Thank U, Next.” That video has also sent fans into a frenzy because of its creative flair. If you haven’t seen it, the famed singer paid homage to an array of popular, romantic comedies.

It didn’t take fans long to pick up on the memorable reenactments from Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Bring It On, and 13 Going On 30. The cameos from the films’ stars also blew fans away. The creative video, coupled with the catchy tune of the song, may indicate another major hit for Ariana Grande.

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