Ariana Grande Got Mad At The Grammys For Snubbing Mac Miller

People is reporting that not only did Ariana Grande sit out the Grammys and then drag a producer because he wouldn’t let her be a true ARTISTE, she also snapped at them after her deceased ex, Mac Miller, lost the award for Best Rap Album to future Presidential candidate, Cardi B.

Ariana stayed home and live-tweeted her rage at the 2019 Grammys after they crowned Queen Cardi B with the award for Best Rap Album. She tweeted out: “trash” and “fuck”. When people came for Ariana, claiming she was shading Cardi, she assured us that it had “nothing to do w her. good for her. i promise. i’m sorry.”

Apparently what really was setting Ari off was the fact that the Grammys had invited Mac’s parents Karen Meyer and Mark McCormick to the award show and then didn’t hand their son a post-humous award. A source told People “It has nothing to do with Cardi,” and that she “was very upset” that he lost despite the Grammys inviting his parents. Sort of like how they advertised their show with Ariana’s face but didn’t let her perform.

Cardi B was sure to share the love though, giving Mac Miller a shout out on her Instagram in a video:

And she also posted an article stating that Mac Miller’s parents wanted Cardi to win if he didn’t, so she was sharing the award with him and his family:

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Ariana was super excited about Cardi’s gesture and commented six black hearts on her post. Ari also cleaned her Twitter timeline of all her salty tweets officially quelling the feud that never was. It’s a good thing for Ari that she didn’t gett into it with Cardi, because Ariana may be all hood now with her new trap music, but she don’t know the streets the way Cardi does.

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