Ariana Grande Reveals Release Date For New Single ‘7 Rings’

Ariana Grande has revealed that she will release her next single “7 Rings” on Friday, January 18.

The “Thank you, next” singer tweeted cover art featuring a pink door with the single title sprayed across it in black graffiti. She tweeted 7 ring emojis with the message “1.18.”

Grande also shared the lyrics of the single. “Buy myself all of me/he he he, tea/they say ‘which one?’/i say ‘I want all of ’em’/I see it I like it I want it i got it by now/let me give you some tea/7 rings/7 rings/i pop it/i pierce it/7 rings 7 rings/I call her, I say ‘Hello!’/one: not right/two: not quite/three: you’re on track/four: do not go back!/five: you’re almost there!/six: it’s over there!/seven: that’s right!/7 rings, 7 rings.”

Grande’s friend Victoria Monet shared a screenshot on Instagram of Biggie‘s “Gimme the Loot,” which Ari reposted a few times, hinting at a Biggie sample in the upcoming single.

“Ariana Grande seems to be hinting at a Biggie sample on her upcoming single ‘7 Rings’ set to be released next Friday,” Monet captioned the post.

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