Ashley Judd's Sexual Harassment Suit Against Harvey Weinstein Has Been Dismissed

Harvey Weinstein may be the reason Ashley Judd’s currently starring in A Dog’s Way Home instead of wearing a catsuit and fucking shit up as Thor’s mom or something, but a judge just told her Harvey doesn’t have to pay her to make up for it. Back in May, Ashley filed a sexual harassment suit against Harvey claiming he shut her out from being cast in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy and initiated a smear campaign against her after she declined one of his trademark massage requests back in 1997. Peter even confirmed that Harvey steered him away from casting her in LOTR. However, a judge just declared that the producer/actress relationship was not covered under sexual harassment protections at the time of the initial filing.

When Ashley first brought the sexual harassment suit in September of 2017, directors and producers were excluded from being subject to laws regulating sexual harassment in the workplace. Which is insane. The law changed shortly thereafter so Ashley re-filed the complaint. According to BBC:

But in a statement late on Wednesday, Judge Gutierrez said the law that deals with sexual misconduct claims in professional relationships, which was revised to include directors and producers, could not be applied retrospectively to Ms Judd’s case.

Thankfully, the charges of sexual harassment aren’t the only aspects of Ashley’s case, so she’s not ass out yet. She can still pursue her claims of defamation, so Harvey may still be on the hook for sabotaging her career. Ashley has previously stated that she plans on donating any awards to Times Up charities that combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Her lawyer said:

“While we respectfully disagree with the Court’s decision as to the one claim it ruled on today, we look forward to pursuing the three claims for relief that the Court has already ruled can move forward,” he added.

I hope Harvey is celebrating this small reprieve by listening to old voicemails from friends who won’t talk to him anymore while enjoying an over-microwaved Lean Cuisine and a warm, flat, coconut LaCroix alone in the dark.


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