Ballet Superstar Tiler Peck Takes Us Behind the Scenes as the Nutcracker's Sugar Plum Fairy

Prima ballerina Tiler Peck, a principal with the New York City Ballet, is one of the most recognizable faces – and feet! – in the world of dance. So it’s no surprise that people flock to see her as Dewdrop and the Sugar Plum Fairy in the company’s legendary production of The Nutcracker. She takes us behind the scenes to see all the lights, lipstick and tons of tulle that goes into one of the holiday season’s most gorgeous traditions.

“It’s Sugar Plum time and my pink tutu just arrived in my dressing room!”

“My special dressing-room helper Cali who likes to keep my pointe shoes warm and ready for me.”

“My slightly superstitious warmup up outfit that I wear every night before a performance — my lucky pink ‘Motivated’ T-shirt, my J. Crew grey sweats, and my pink and grey leg warmers from Paris.”

“I do my own hair and makeup for performances, but I always go to Susie, our hairdresser, to my make sure my tiara is placed in the correct spot!”

“Putting the finishing touches on at my dressing room spot.”

“The little mice hang out right outside my dressing room anxiously awaiting their entrance in the battle scene.”

“One of the best moments in the Nutcracker is when the Christmas tree grows in the Act 1 Party Scene … night after night it never gets old!”

“The snowflake ladies are backstage ‘sewing in’ as we like to call it. This is a thing we ballerinas do in order to make sure our ribbons don’t come out onstage.”

“The snowflakes always do a musical warm up in a circle before entering; it has definitely become a ritual.”

“Angels in waiting. These little girls literally make being the Sugar Plum everything. It is so touching to see their sweet little faces looking up, aspiring to be the Sugar Plum Fairy one day.”

“Intermission – a typical chaotic moment with beautiful costumes everywhere!!!”

“A moment caught backstage of me patiently awaiting my first entrance!”

“A special moment captured where all of the other divertissements blow on the Sugar Plum Fairy, sending her good vibes and good luck. This is something that always gives me the last-minute confidence boost I need to make my entrance.”

“We did it!! Poses post performance with my partner Joseph Gordon!”

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