Barack Obama Leaves Fans Sobbing With Cute Valentine’s Day Message To ‘Beautiful’ Michelle

Barack and Michelle Obama’s love story just grows sweeter with each passing year. The former president left fans melting over his adoring Valentine’s Day message to the former first lady.

Barack and Michelle Obama were one of the most openly affectionate and loving first couples to ever reside in the White House. While president and first lady, they would always take to social media with gushing messages about each other on birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions. Even though they’re now private citizens their online love story continued on Valentine’s Day in 2019.  The 57-year-old former POTUS took to Instagram on Feb. 14 to show a pic of the couple dancing while in formal wear during their White House days and wrote the most heartfelt caption.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to the extraordinarily smart, beautiful, funny, one and only @MichelleObama. It’s true; she does get down to Motown,” he captioned the adorable photo. The post is closing in on almost two million Instagram likes and fans are completely melting at their ongoing  love story.

“Such a beautiful couple. What a true love. Hope in my next life I get to experience a great love,” one person wrote in the comments. Another was so excited that the person used caps to write “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to the MOST BEAUTIFUL &,INFLUENTIAL COUPLES OF ALL TIME…YOU ARE AMAZING IN EVERY WAY.”

“Love you because you love her ❤️ you are amazing,” one fan told the 44th President of the United States in the comments while another added, “Love your wife!! You are a lucky man.” “The love you two have for one another is beautiful,” one person shared. “You guys are the class & intellect that we miss so much. What a beautiful couple. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!” another wrote.

Michelle, 55, shared her own Valentine’s Instagram message that included a photo of her husband and their two daughters Malia, 20, and Sasha, 17, seated on their parents laps when they were little girls followed by a photo of the family taken during a White House dinner before Obama left office. “So lucky to call these three my valentines for all these years,” she wrote next to the photos.

The couple’s love story dates back to 1989, when Michelle was assigned to be Barack’s mentor at the law firm they worked at in Chicago. They later ended up dating and married in 1992. During their vows, Michelle later revealed that “Barack didn’t pledge riches, only a life that would be interesting. On that promise he delivered.” Awww!

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