Big Brother Recap: Who Became the First Member of the Jury?

With Dani in power, it was a very different week in the Big Brother house. 

While the Committee continued to be in power for the sixth week in a row, Dani was unsure about which direction to take her nominations in. 

We already knew that David saved himself with the BB Basement power, and Da’Vonne went on to win her first competition in three seasons, leading to Kevin escaping the block. 

That meant our final noms of the week were Tyler and Ian — two big brother greats. 

Could you imagine if Dani wanted to nominate Christmas? That would have meant she would have had to nominate a fifth person in one week. 

Yep, it’s a bloody week in the Big Brother house, but it may be too late to save this season.

Nicole, aka the professional victim, was upset about Ian being on the block and almost flooded the house with her tears. 

At least, that’s what the episode would like us to believe. If you frequent the Big Brother live feeds, Nicole has made fun of Ian’s autism and has just been a terrible friend. 

The only reason she could possibly be upset about Ian leaving is that she will be the only winner still in the house and will have a big target on her back. 

That probably explains why she got scheming to try to keep Ian in the house. In the process, she wanted to evict someone from her alliance. 

That did not go unnoticed, with Cody trying to bring her back down to reality, and Memphis wondering whether the alliance was as solid if Nicole was being that persistent. 

Dani wasted no time in telling Nicole that Ian would be going home and that she didn’t want to have to break a tie. 

In the Diary Room, Nicole said it was time for Tyler to go because they didn’t know if there would be another time he would be on the block. 

What Nicole didn’t seem to understand, though, was that an alliance has kept her safe for weeks, despite her not winning any competitions. 

Nicole is a big target, as well as Dani, and they will probably be on the block come next week if they don’t slide in to power. 

When it came to the eviction, it seemed like there was hope for Ian. 

Da’Vonne, Kevin, and David all voted to evict Tyler, while Christmas, Enzo, Cody and Memphis voted to send Ian to the jury house. 

It all came down to Nicole, who chose to send him packing. 

Ian held zero grudges when he exited the house, but Tyler and Nicole exposed the Committee to him in their goodbye messages. 

A battle back could derail their games if Ian returns. 

Oh, and Julie said that a Big Brother legend will be moving into a house next door, so that might make this lame season watchable. 

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