Billie Eilish Went TF Off on “Stupid-Ass” People Calling Drake “Creepy” for Being a Fan of Hers

Back last year, Billie Eilish forged a texting friendship with Drake and gushed about how nice he acts toward her, but her fans were kind of…concerned about that. “Drake is, like, the nicest dude I’ve ever spoken to. I mean, I’ve only, like, texted him, but he’s so nice. Like, he does not need to be nice, you know what I mean?” she told Vanity Fair in November, while she was still 17. “He’s at a level in his life where he doesn’t need to be nice, but he is, you know?”

When citizens of the internet learned that Billie and Drake were talking, they were understandably a little worried about her. (Since, you know, Drake is a grown man in his 30s, Billie was a literal teenager at the time, and Drake has a history of texting underage girls in Hollywood.)

can we talk about drake texting billie eilish and millie bobby brown… he’s a whole ass grown man and they’re two underage girls… that’s some creepy shit if you ask me..

But now, months after the backlash, Billie says she thinks everyone seriously overreacted to the situation. “The internet is such a stupid-ass mess right now. Everybody’s so sensitive. A grown man can’t be a fan of an artist? There are so many people that the internet should be more worried about,” she told Vogue while gracing their March cover. “Like, you’re really going to say that Drake is creepy because he’s a fan of mine and then you’re going to go vote for Trump? What the fuck is that shit?”

Still no word from Drake on whether he stopped texting teens after the drama, but it’s not a bad idea. Just saying.

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