Blac Chyna Doesn’t Care What Mom Tokyo Toni Thinks About Her Parenting!

There’s definitely no shortage of mother-daughter drama between Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni

Recently, the reality TV starlet’s mom spoke out following controversy surrounding Chyna’s parenting skills and her ex-BF Kid Buu — to say that Rob Kardashian should have full custody of two-year-old Dream Kardashian.

Sources close to the 30-year-old told TMZ that the model and her mom haven’t seen each other in at least two years, so it’s not her place to comment on who should have custody. They also added that it was actually Toyko’s bad decisions that got the pair into this mother-daughter battle in the first place!

These insiders say that Chyna’s kids are more than cared for, and have “round-the-clock nannies” to help care for them on top of their momma providing for them and protecting them.

Tokyo isn’t the only one who thinks Rob’s ex is an unfit mother as the Kardashian family reportedly believes that Dream “isn’t properly cared for” with Chyna.

For the little one’s sake, figure it out people!!

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