Blac Chyna & Soulja Boy Romance Becomes Official After They Faked It To Piss Off Tyga

What started out as a way to upset Tyga, turned into a real relationship! Blac Chyna & Soulja Boy are reportedly officially dating!

Well, it looks like you can’t stop love! After broke the news that Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy were only dating to piss off Chy’s ex Tyga, a new report claims that they are now the real deal! “The two actually started to like each other after a few dates and decided to make it official,” sources told TMZ. “They appreciate and respect that the other one has their own career rolling right now, and they feel like they can take things slow. So far, no talk about moving in together or anything too serious.” Whoa! first reported that Soulja and Chy were only acting like they were in a relationship to upset Tyga, who Soulja is constantly trolling with his “biggest comeback of 2018” disses. “Soulja, or someone from his team, is spreading rumors that he is dating Chyna in order to fuel the fire with Tyga. Soulja Boy is trying to create drama with Tyga by putting it out there that he’s dating Blac Chyna,” a source close to the situation told HL, EXCLUSIVELY. The big twist came when it was revealed that Soulja and Summer Bunni were actually dating since January of this year! “In reality, Soulja Boy has been dating Summer Bunni since the first week of January this year. But Soulja is keeping his relationship with Summer on the low, since he wants to keep promoting his relationship with Chyna to upset Tyga,” the insider continued. Yikes. The pair reportedly started talking after sliding into each other’s DMs.

Just days after news broke that Soulja and Chy were rumored to be an item, they stepped out together for Valentine’s Day with Soulja’s hand on her back! Soulja even uploaded the pap’s photo of the two, with the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day.” It looks like this is definitely starting to be more than just a thing to upset T!

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