Boys and Their Dogs! Eric Decker’s Pup Joins Him at Shawn Booth’s Gym

Nothing like some motivation from your four-legged friend! Eric Decker got in an intense workout at Bachelor alum Shawn Booth’s gym on Monday, February 11 — and his Golden Retriever, Jenny, was on hand to make sure he didn’t slack.

“Jenny watching dad work,” the Boothcamp Gym owner, 31, captioned an Instagram Story that shows the 31-year-old retired football player hustling to do medicine ball squat slams as the gorgeous canine lays to the side and looks unimpressed.

It’s no surprise that Booth didn’t mind that Decker’s pooch tagged along for the sweat session. The former reality star is also the proud pet owner of a Golden Retriever, named Tucker — who also hits up the gym with him often.

In honor of Tucker’s 11th birthday, Booth treated him to Starbucks pup cups … and a special visit to his Nashville-based fitness center. “The proudest guy around,” the Connecticut native captioned a video of the canine hilariously running up to members of the club and showing them his squeak toys. “By popular demand, you can now watch this forever .. He had to show every single person in the room his birthday gift”

Booth also shared a sweet tribute to his trusty sidekick at the time. “HBD to my main man. 11 years old and not even in his prime yet,” he captioned a series of photos. “Here’s to many more pup cups (and grey hairs) @tuckerdoodledog!

Earlier that month, Booth unveiled a painting of Tucker that’s featured on the side of his business with the contact information for Boothcamp Gym. The pup oftentimes accompanies Booth to his workouts, as well.

“He’s still got it! Best training partner around …(Look how proud he is Golden’s are the biggest people pleasers) #getfit #goldenretriever,” Booth captioned one Instagram video of his trusty sidekick running alongside him last year.

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