Brian May Recalls Working With Eddie Van Halen On ‘Star Fleet Project’

Brian May said in an interview that it was a “moment of great joy” working with Eddie Van Halen on Star Fleet Project, a three-track mini-album recorded in 1983.

Speaking about the recording sessions for the song “Star Fleet,” May said, “And that was one of the great moments of my life, I’ve got to say – because we did it once and we got it right. I mean, I’m not big on chromatic runs or whatever, I’m not a great technician, but we just did it – one, two, three, go!”

“That’s a tiny little moment but a moment of great joy, playing with this guy. I was awestruck by his playing. He’s much younger than me, but I couldn’t believe what his fingers could do,” he added.

In the interview with Guitar World, the lead guitarist of Queen also recalled what happened when he swapped guitars with the late founder of Van Halen.

“Yes, he played my guitar and I played his guitar. And I sounded like me on his guitar and he sounded like him on my guitar [laughs], which reassured us that it’s basically all in the fingers at the end of the day,” May said.

He added, “No matter what guitar Eddie picked up, it sounded like him. And I saw him pick up Phil Chen‘s bass, and he sounded like Eddie Van Halen on Phil Chen’s bass! So, yes, it’s in the fingers.”

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