Camila Mendes Has Dyed Her Hair Lighter for the Summer

Last week, Riverdale fans *raises hand for inclusion* were transported back to the early seasons of the show with a pink preppy outfit debuted on Instagram by Camila Mendes. Yep, all it took was one sleeveless collared shirt for us to reminisce over Rockland County. And TBH, it really did have us all questioning whether Veronica Lodge would thriiiiive in season six as a core four member.

However, one aspect of the entire ensemble that had us in doubt as to whether it had any on-screen links was the beauty look. And no, it’s not the nude-pink lip or subtle cat eye but the freshly dyed hair, of course! With Veronica Lodge being a dark brunette through and through, we came to the realisation that Camila’s new hair colour was something of an IRL coincidence in connection to the ‘fit.

Scroll to the fifth picture to see her lighter colour in all its glory:

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Ronnie would never, right? Perhaps like Camila Cabello, Emma Raducanu, Madison Beer and co, Cami has decided herself to go lighter for the summer?! It is a certified trend, after all. Or maybe this shiny new look could be for a shiny new acting job? I guess only time will tell.

Previously, the star has rocked dark brunette, almost blue black hair both on and off-screen and has safely stayed within that realm when switching up the colour. Does anyone else remember back in 2019 when she went back to her natural tone?

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This time though, the hue is most definitely a much lighter brown.

Having said all that, what I do want to know is how has the genius colourist lightened her hair without it looking absolutely fried? Clearly, they’re an expert! An investigation is due, me thinks…

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