Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey reveal he almost missed daughter Delilah’s birth after falling asleep as Love Island star details ‘horrific’ labour

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Arriving at new magazine’s shoot at Essex’s plush Hutton Hall with their new bundle of joy, Cara De La Hoyde-Massey and husband Nathan Massey couldn’t look more smitten.

The couple are beaming and can’t wait to show off their nine-day-old daughter Delilah Kelly, as big brother Freddie-George, two, proudly looks on.

“I love doing shoots like this because I love the memories and it’s nice to look back on them,” Cara, 30, tells new.

Baby Delilah arrived three weeks early on 28 July at Darent Valley Hospital in Kent, after Cara was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

She was induced over four days, but once Cara was in labour Delilah arrived in a matter of hours, weighing a healthy 6lb 6oz. The birth was so speedy Nathan almost missed it!

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The couple, who married in June last year, have been learning to adapt as a family of four, and so far so good. Describing their routine as “a well-oiled machine”, Nathan, 28, tells new, “I was shitting myself at the start, but it’s been pretty good. I can even sneak in a few rounds of golf!”

“It’s quite handy as my mum is currently on furlough,” Cara adds. “She’s been coming around and helping me and my nan’s been doing all my washing.”

Nathan is already back to work as a stonemason after four days’ leave, but he has plenty of praise for his wife, who he describes as “his hero”. Aw!

Cara’s second pregnancy wasn’t plain sailing and she revealed she was prescribed antidepressants. But the reality star tells us she’s positive about the future and is taking one day at a time.

Here, new chat to the couple about Delilah’s early arrival, Freddie’s love for his new baby sister and how they’re not ruling out baby number three…

Congratulations on your adorable daughter, Delilah. You must be over the moon!

Cara: She’s lovely. She’s so cute and pretty.

Nathan: I had a cuddle with her for about three hours last night.

Freddie: She’s good.

Cara, you had Delilah a little earlier than expected. When were you first diagnosed with pre-eclampsia?

Cara: It was a couple of days before I had her and I went to my midwife appointment. Before I went, everyone said, “Your face looks really swollen.” I thought, “Oh, thanks.” I thought it was people telling me I looked fat. I hadn’t seen my midwife for four months because of Covid, and she said, “Your face looks a bit swollen.” Then she asked, “Have you been having headaches?” And I was like, “Yeah.” Next she asked, “Have you been seeing spots?” And I actually had.

She did a sample of my urine and it had protein in it and my blood pressure was high. She sent me to the hospital for some tests and they said it was the start of pre-eclampsia. I kept getting headaches, so I kept going back to the hospital. I saw the maternity specialist and he said, “You’re 37 weeks, you’re at the start of pre-eclampsia. It’s only going to get worse, so let’s induce you.”

Were you relieved at that point?

Cara: I’m not going to lie, I was. My pregnancy with Fred was so easy. But with her I’d had indigestion, backache, sciatica and pre-eclampsia, so I was quite relieved.

How long were you in labour?

Cara: I went in on the Saturday and they tried to induce me with a hormone tampon, but that didn’t work. On the Sunday night they put the gel in but after six hours nothing had happened. Then they put some more gel in and after six hours I’d dilated by 4cm, but I hadn’t felt any contractions. On the Monday night I went into labour and was getting really strong contractions. At 3am, the midwives came to take me to the delivery suite, so I rang Nathan [who was at home] to come down, but he’d fallen asleep. He got there just in time!

Nathan, we can’t believe you almost missed the birth!

Nathan: I nodded off. If I had missed it I don’t think I would be sitting here now! I just saw the look in her eyes as I walked through the doors and she was like, “You’re late!”

Cara: They broke my waters at 4.30am and by 5.30am she was here. I had two pushing contractions and she came out – no one expected her to come out that quick. Nathan said the midwife had to catch her as she came out!

How painful was this labour?

Cara: It was horrific. I had contractions in my stomach and back pains as well, so double the pain. I only had gas and air.

Was it hard not having Nathan by your side during labour?

Cara: No – no disrespect to Nathan. Obviously I wanted him there when I was pushing, but when I was having the contractions, well, you just get on with it. It’s quite nice doing it on your own. We can’t fault the hospital. The midwives and the nurses were amazing and you wouldn’t think anything was going on in terms of the coronavirus.

How was it for you, Nathan?

Nathan: It’s a weird time at the minute, but I wanted to be there as much as I could for Cara.

What was it like when you first held Delilah in your arms?

Cara: The good thing is I can actually remember it. When I had Fred I had pethidine, so I couldn’t tell you a thing – I was away with the fairies! When Delilah came out, the first thing I said to the midwife was, “Oh my God, what’s she done to me?” She came out so quickly I thought she’d done some damage down below, but not one tear or rip. I’m so relieved. She looked like a little munchkin!

Nathan: I cried. It was quite emotional. She’s healthy and beautiful. Cara is an absolute hero and, I tell you what, I take my hat off to all women.

How does this birth compare to Freddie’s?

Cara: This was much better. I was in hospital for four days this time, but [the birth] was quicker and I was calmer.

When did Freddie first meet Delilah?

Nathan: He met her straight away – I filmed it all. He’s unbelievable with her and he can’t stop kissing and cuddling her. He says, “I love you so much, Sister.” And he sings, “My, my, my, Delilah.” He’s taken to it all really well and he’s so good with her. We’re so gifted.

Have you seen any signs of jealousy from Freddie?

Nathan: Not at all. He plays up a little bit when someone else comes in. He’s an attention seeker, but he gets that from me.

Where did the name Delilah come from?

Cara: I liked Talulah and Minnie but Nathan wasn’t keen. Then one day I was making a pair of pyjamas for our embroidery range and I was like, “What do you think of Delilah?” Her middle name is Kelly after my aunt who passed away when she was young after a long battle with cancer. I wanted her to be remembered and I thought it would be a nice tribute.

Nathan: Talulah was not happening. We decided on Delilah about a month before.

Who does she look like?

Nathan: She’s very hairy!

Cara: Very dark.

Nathan: She looks like Cara. She farts like Cara!

What’s her personality like?

Nathan: She’s quite grumpy and screws up her face – if looks could kill! She definitely takes after her mum.

How’s breastfeeding going, Cara?

Cara: With Fred, I couldn’t do it and I was really upset because I wanted to. With her I’m a bit more confident, and she’s taken to it so well. It’s been amazing. If you can do it, it’s bloody brilliant.

Nathan: She’s doing really well. She’s up every three hours and I’m staying in the bed with Fred at the minute. It’s working.

How much sleep are you getting?

Cara: She’s a bit of a night owl. When you first start breastfeeding they cluster feed, so we were feeding every two hours. The first couple of nights were absolute torture, but the last couple she’s been quite good and I’ve even had to wake her up to feed.

How are you getting on now you’re back at work, Nathan?

Nathan: Thank God I’ve got a job which is only 15 minutes away. I can drop Fred off [at nursery] in the morning and I can pick him up. He’s only there three days, so that means Cara’s only got both the rugrats twice a week. I’ve been doing lots more activities with Freddie. Cara’s with the baby a lot, so I don’t want him feeling left out. It’s a bit of a mad house, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Same as any other family with a toddler and a new baby.

How are you coping when you’ve got the two little ones on your own, Cara?

Cara: I’ve got to chill out a bit. I’m quite OCD with cleaning, so I need to chill and think if it gets a bit messy, it’s fine. In a couple of weeks it’ll be like normality. We’re learning every day.

Will you have a different style of parenting the second time around?

Cara: You learn a lot. Things like getting the bedtime routine in place a lot earlier. With your first you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, but with your second you learn from the mistakes you made the first time around. I think Nathan will be a lot more protective with a girl. I think Fred will as well – he is already. He calls her, “My Delilah.”

Have any of your Love Island friends been in touch since Delilah’s arrival?

Cara: The first night we came home we FaceTimed Scott Thomas, didn’t we?

Nathan: Yeah. I’m literally in love with Scott. I’m gutted I didn’t step forward for Scott [on Love Island]!

Cara: He’s got to be the most eligible bachelor at the moment.

Nathan: He must wake up and piss excellence in the morning!

Ha! And how about Olivia and Alex Bowen?

Cara: We’ve been talking a lot and I sent her a picture when we came out of hospital. She texted me the other day and said, “Let me know when you’re ready for visitors.” But to be honest we want to go to their house in Essex, because it looks absolutely unbelievable. You have missed Alex haven’t you, Nath?

Nathan: We’ve been through a massive thing and it seems a waste to put it in the bin. We’re rekindling and Alex has messaged me on Instagram and Olivia messaged me on my birthday. I can’t wait to meet up with them soon.

Have you chosen Delilah’s godparents yet?

Nathan: I’ve got a couple of my very close friends, who are not in the public eye, who I’m going to ask to be godfathers. I’m trying to figure out a nice cute way to do it.

Cara: My best man, Sal, will probably be a godfather.

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Cara, last time we spoke you were taking antidepressants. How are you feeling now?

Cara: With Fred, I thought I was going to get postnatal problems, but I didn’t. With Delilah I’ve been quite level-headed. Touch wood everything’s been great. It’s still early days, but so far, so good.

Nathan: I can’t praise Cara enough. She’s been so good. I don’t think we’ve bickered or anything and I’ve pulled my finger out as well. I’ve grown up a lot – even more now we’ve got two [kids]. Once you have the second, it’s like, “Wow, you really are a dad.”

How is Freddie getting on at pre-school?

Nathan: He loves it.

Cara: He’s so social. He’s got loads of friends and three girlfriends.

What would you both like to do next workwise?

Nathan: I would love a show about us and I’d love to do the jungle. I’d be great on there!

We’d love to see you there! What about a return to TOWIE as a family of four?

Cara: I don’t know, because they’ve got Amy Childs back and Polly’s the same sort of age as Freddie. Maybe if we did something with Amy and Polly… Plus we don’t live in Essex!

We know it’s early days since you had Delilah, but has your experience with pre-eclampsia put you off having more?

Cara: I wouldn’t have another baby in the next couple of years, but I’m not saying no to another one ever. I could have five newborns now!

Nathan: I was against it, but the way this has gone and the way Cara is, I’m not ruling out another.

Finally, what are your hopes and aspirations for Delilah?

Cara: Just that she’s happy.

Nathan: I want her to marry a footballer!

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