Carlos Santana Will Always Remember First Performance Of ‘Black Magic Woman’

Carlos Santana says he always remembers the first time he played “Black Magic Woman” during every performance of the song.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Santana was asked whether he feels different when playing older material.

“I swear to you, and this for real, whenever we play ‘Black Magic Woman,’ I remember the first time we played it in a soundcheck in Fresno in a parking lot,” Santana said.

“We were in the beginning. And Gregg Rolie brought the song from Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green. And I remember saying, ‘Hmm, I can bring a little bit of Otis Rush here and a little bit of Wes Montgomery here.’ Because I just think like that. It’s kind of like a chef, bring a little bit of oregano and jalapeños and garlic and onions.”

“So to this day, when I play ‘Black Magic Woman,’ I think of Otis Rush and Fresno in a parking lot. And it gives me the same results,” he added.

“Black Magic Woman” was written by Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green and appeared in the band’s 1969 compilation albums English Rose, The Pious Bird of Good Omen, and Vintage Years. However, in 1970, Santana released their own version of the song on their Abraxas album.

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