Carole Baskin Breaks Down How 'Tiger King' Producers Allegedly Duped Her

Carole Baskin is still fighting to have footage of herself removed from “Tiger King 2,” and telling us how the series producers allegedly pulled some shady moves to deceive her.

We spoke to the big cat animal rescue owner herself just a day before Netflix is set to debut its sequel to the smash-hit series … and Carole gave us the behind-the-scenes intel she says led to her filing a lawsuit to stop her image and likeness from being included in ‘TK 2.’

For starters, Carole told us on Tuesday’s “TMZ Live,” she is NOT trying to stop Netflix from putting out a second installment — she just wants any tie to her nixed from the final product.

As for why she wants out of the project? Well, Carole says she also hated the OG “Tiger King” … and she alleges producers pitched it to her like it was going to be a “Blackfish”-styled expose on animal abuse. She even claims they even showed her an early promo cut which was exactly that.

As you now know … “Tiger King” ended up playing as more of an anti-hero tale, with Joe Exotic as the heroic lead, and Carole as the “bad guy” nemesis.

That’s Carole’s biggest gripe — what she calls the flat-out misrepresentation of her and her mission … something she tells us is still haunting her to this day in the form of harassment and threats from rabid fans.

She also addressed what Jeff and Lauren Lowe told us Monday — namely, that they’re gearing up to sue Carole for allegedly tipping off the feds to violations at his now-shut down Tiger King Park.

Carole says Jeff’s fury is misplaced, and everything that’s happened to him in the wake of ‘Tiger King’ is his own doing. She claims her team got plenty of video evidence of animal abuse at Jeff’s place, and she’s airing it on her new Discovery+ show, “Carole Baskin’s Cagefight.”

Appropriate title, ’cause Carole’s gonna be doing battle — at least in court — on multiple fronts.

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