Catelynn Lowell Admits She & Tyler Baltierra Are Already Planning For 4th Child After Separation

Catelynn Lowell revealed that she & Tyler Baltierra will be trying to have a boy after the upcoming birth of their third child! Here’s what she said on Instagram Live!

Despite announcing a month-long trial separation in November, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Batlierra are stronger than ever. And with their their baby on the way, Catelynn revealed on Instagram Live that they’ll soon try for baby number four. She told fans, “Yes, Tyler and I both want a boy, so we’re definitely gonna try again,” according to Us Weekly. She went on to say, “I think we’re just gonna go right for No. 4 right after this one’s born. We wanna be done before we’re 30, you know?”

Catelynn recently revealed on Jan. 22 that she was suffering from Braxton Hicks contractions. However, not to fear, these contractions of the uterine wall are typical in the second half of a pregnancy and the last trimester leading up to birth. Taking to Instagram, she posted a graphic saying “Holy Braxton Hicks” along with serious face emojis. Despite the “serious” emoticons, Catelynn has dealt with these in the past.

We reported earlier how Tyler is worried that Catelynn might have their baby too early after she reported having contractions. “Tyler is doing his best to stay strong for Catelynn but it’s hard”, says our source. “He’s such a fiercely protective dad, he’s terrified she might have the baby early. Catelynn has had some scares and is very uncomfortable but so far she is still at home, on bed rest just to be safe. Tyler is being ‘Super Husband’ and ‘Super Dad’ taking care of Catelynn and Nova Lee 24/7. He has really stepped up to the plate and proven that he is there for Catelynn and their growing family. All the stuff they were working on personally and in their relationship has been put on the back burner and right now it’s all about Catelynn and the new baby.

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