Charles Melton Opens Up About What’s Ahead for Veronica & Reggie After Their Kiss on ‘Riverdale’

The kiss we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened with Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Reggie (Charles Melton), aka Veggie, on Riverdale.

Talking with press after the episode last night, Charles opened up about his hopes for the new couple, and what it means for Varchie.

“It was something [I] anticipated through doing my research and reading the comics, and seeing there was a lot of back-and-forth and a lot of different relationships between the core four and Reggie,” Charles shared with EW. “I kind of anticipated it, even in season 2. I found out before we started filming season 3 that there was going to be some sort of relationship between Reggie and Veronica.”

Fans who are thinking this was just their one and only kiss, you can toss that out the window.

“You’ll definitely see this relationship grow,” he teases. “Not only will you see this relationship grow, but you’ll see their working relationship and how that all ties into everything.… I think fans are going to be excited to see the evolution of this new relationship.”

But, what about Varchie?!

“Hopefully we can turn some Varchie fans into Veggie fans after they see the kiss and really see how much Reggie cares about Veronica,” Charles adds.
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