Charlotte Crosby goes on epic rant as she shuts down sex-shamer

Charlotte Crosby had a fiery comeback as a cruel troll branded her a "slag" on social media.

The former Geordie Shore favourite ruffled some feathers when she called Sunderland a "dive" following a stabbing incident in the area.

However, one offended local named Liam took his anger too far, as he fumed: "Charlotte Crosby man has her sausage wallet battered more times than a Downey's chippy using a close to home stabbing incident as a scape goat for comments.

"F**k off ya slag only famous for being bucked on telly and pied by gav @Charlottegshore @Charlotte_Show".

Taking to her Twitter page to clap back in front of her 3.1million followers, Charlotte hilariously replied: "You no what Liam you’ve really hurt my feelings, I’m gunna cry about this tomorrow in my swimming pool.

"I might even run out of tissues and have to start using all of my money to wipe the tears, but don’t worry I’ll still have a sum in my account you won’t ever see in a lifetime.

"Actually when I get bored of using the money I think I’ll jump in my Bentley and let down the roof down and just let the wind dry my eyes.

"And then after that ill stroll back onto my drive and look up at my mansion and think of only Liam liked me…"

As Liam, whose profile is now private, kicked off at her sassy reply, she continued: "Listen calm down get yourself a nice cuppa and an early night you’ve really wound yourself up here.

"Lots of love and well wishes. P.S If I were you I’d get rid of your tv cos I’m sticking around for a long time much to your annoyance".

Charlotte was flooded with supportive messages after the dramatic exchange, with one sending a string of heart emojis, and writing: "You tell him! Xx".

While another added: "Im pretty confused by this tweet. Not really a scape goat and not really [the] correct terminology.

"Just seems like an excuse to show a bit of jealousy. Where as I will open admit I’m a little bit jealous. No shame there".

Charlotte is never afraid to speak out online when cruel bullies come her way.

She did the same just months ago after the National Television Awards, naming and shaming those who criticised her gorgeous look , and telling them they "deserve their d*cks chopped off".

After her row had simmered down with Sunderland lad Liam, the Just Tattoo Of Us star went on to tell fans she felt no anger towards him.

"Is it normal to feel genuine Pitty for people who go so low to tear you apart on social media?(sic)," she wrote.

"Because I do I genuinely feel no other emotion but pure pitty. Poor poor souls # PrayForTheTrolls".

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