Chef David Chang: ‘My passion for microwave cooking only continues to grow’

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Chef David Chang, the winner of Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, made a controversial claim recently. He loves using his microwave to make quick meals. David will be hosting a cooking class this month for American Express’s Membership Week. The class will teach participants how to make a few of Chang’s favorite dishes from his Majordomo and Bang restaurants. In an interview with People, Chang said that he likes the simplicity of the microwave to make healthy food. He especially enjoys nuking potatoes to save time making mashed potatoes. Below are a few more details from People:

“When cooking at home, I really believe that simplicity is key,” Chang, 43, tells PEOPLE. “The microwave is really future technology, and I love how simple and healthy microwave cooking can be.”

He will demonstrate the technique — along with many others — during an upcoming virtual cooking class with American Express.

As part of their first-ever “Membership Week” from June 14-18, Chang and author Chris Ying will lead the class, where they’ll walk participants through how to make some of Chang’s favorite dishes from his Majordōmo and Bāng Bar restaurants. (There will also be a virtual performance by SZA and more benefits for cardholders during Membership Week.)

“Cooking potatoes in the microwave isn’t just faster since I don’t have to wait for a pot of water to boil, but the potatoes are actually more delicious since they don’t lose any flavor to the water,” he tells PEOPLE. “Once the potatoes are cooked, it’s easy to mash them and season to my liking.”

Although Chang is a “longtime fan of the microwave,” recently he’s found himself utilizing it more often.

“My passion for microwave cooking only continues to grow,” adds the chef. “It’s been fun sharing recipes and techniques with others through social media, and, soon, as part of one of the culinary experiences with Momofuku exclusively for American Express Card Members.”

Chang also recently launched Anyday, a new line of microwave cookware. “The Anyday Dish was designed specifically for microwave cooking and is now indispensable in my kitchen,” he says.

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Like ya’ll I am aghast. A CHEF using the microwave? Like really? First of all I am a child of the 80s and the only thing I keep think as I read this article is how much this man is going to glow like a worm. I know I am a snob but I really don’t use the microwave, not even for popcorn. I just feel that the microwave nukes the flavor out of food. I know Chang says differently but that has not been my experience. The fact that Chang is releasing a line of microwave cookware tells me he is really serious about getting people to use their microwaves more often.

I prefer conventional methods like the stovetop and oven. I stopped using my microwave over a decade ago because I wanted to take my time cooking, savoring the experience. I was gaining a crap ton of weight and realized I was no longer tasting my food. So banning the use of the microwave was my way of forcing myself to slow down. I carved out time in my busy schedule of two jobs and pursuing my Master’s degree. I do understand many people truly feel they don’t have time to slow down so they use the microwave often. In which case, I think following Chang’s advice may help them find some healthier alternatives.

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