Chelsea Handler made a video about her childfree life & conservatives are so mad

Do I want to write about or defend Chelsea Handler in any way? No, I don’t. I can’t stand the woman. She’s dreadfully unfunny and deeply hateful and bigoted. I clearly have a lot of reasons to dislike Handler. One of those reasons is NOT “because she’s childfree.” Chelsea Handler, like many women, has chosen not to be a mother. It’s actually becoming something of a trend – women in their 30s and 40s just opting out of the whole motherhood thing altogether. Especially after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, I find “the childfree option” to be completely reasonable in a society literally forcing women to carry unwanted or dangerous pregnancies. In any case, Chelsea Handler decided to make a video about her happy childfree life:

— Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) February 10, 2023

Again, she’s just so utterly unfunny. That’s my issue with this – I don’t care that she’s childfree, but I care that she’s one of the unfunniest “professional comedians” out there. But of course, this was bait – Chelsea is hyping her gig hosting The Daily Show, so she was trying to stir up some culture-war controversy, and the entire right-wing media apparatus is now crying about Chelsea Handler being happily childfree. All of these conservative dudes are super-worried that women will realize that, oh right, they don’t have to have babies if they don’t want to. It’s not just men though – there are a lot of judgy moms in her comments, yelling at her about her “meaningless” existence. Congrats to Chelsea – she got what she wanted. I’ll even defend her: at no point does she say that no one should ever have kids or whatever. She’s just promoting her childfree lifestyle… like tons of people promote their parenthood lifestyle.

I literally watch Tucker Carlson as my job and even I'm sitting here like, "Jesus Christ, dude."

— Kat Abu (@abughazalehkat) February 15, 2023

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