Chelsea Houska: Did She Just Hint That She’s Having a FIFTH Baby?!

When Chelsea Houska quit Teen Mom 2 back in November of 2020, fans feared that she’d leave public life behind entirely.

Fortunately, that hasn’t turned out to be the case.

Chelsea still offers regular updates, and while these looks into her life might not be as probing as they were during her time as a reality star, Houska’s biggest fans are still well-informed.

Even so, there are some things that fans are curious about that haven’t quite been addressed by Chelsea’s Instagram posts.

Fortunately, her followers recently had an opportunity to ask her about these things point-blank.

According to Us Weekly, Chelsea and husband Cole DeBoer recently hosted a Q&A session on Instagram Live.

And it wasn’t long before the topic of their future plans for their family came up.

Several fans inquired as to whether or not Chelsea and Cole are planning on having another child.

Obviously, the couple probably wouldn’t be looking to go that route so anytime soon, as Houska just welcomed her fourth child back in January of this year.

But to the surprise of many, she and DeBoer didn’t rule that possibility out entirely.

“This is the most asked question that we always, always get, if we’re gonna have more kids,” Houska said.

“Do we think we’re gonna more kids? I would say we don’t think we’re gonna have more.”

So it’s not on the horizon at the moment, but both Chelsea and Cole made it clear that it’s a very real possibility.

“But you know, if we do, we do,” Chelsea added.

“But yeah, who knows?” Cole chimed in.

Maybe that wasn’t the definitive response that fans were hoping for, but it sounds like both Houska and DeBoer were completely honest in their replies.

Chelsea and Cole seem to have created the happiest home of all the Teen Mom cast members, so it would be a delight to see them welcome another child into that environment.

But the couple certainly has plenty to keep them occupied at the moment.

In fact, they might have a little too much on their plate.

Chelsea and Cole recently moved into the house that they built in their native South Dakota.

On top of that, their entire means of supporting themselves has been drastically altered in the past year, as they both walked away from salaries that were rumored to be in the mid-six figure range.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the DeBoers are struggling.

Chelsea has several business ventures lined up, including a clothing line for adults, and one for children that she co-founded with eldest daughter, 11-year-old Aubree.

It’s anyone’s guess what the years ahead hold in store for Chelsea, Cole, and their four children.

(Aubree is a product of Chelsea’s relationship with Adam Lind, but she’s long considered Cole to be her father.)

But whatever it is, we’re sure they’ll face it together.

In a franchise that’s best known for giving fame to human train wrecks like Jenelle Evans, Chelsea was a breath of fresh air.

And that’s still the case as she leaves TV behind and moves toward a brighter future.

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