Chelsea Houska Opens Up On Marriage & Motherhood: I Feel So Old Sometimes!

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska gets real about married life at almost 30.

And to our surprise, she only had especially good things to say! 

It definitely sounds like her and husband Cole DeBoer are going strong. So strong that they even enjoy the most mundane tasks together! 

The couple tied the knot in October 2016 and two years later it seems they’re pretty well adjusted to their life together as husband and wife. 

While taking to Twitter on March 20, Chelsea shared a post about what it’s like to “be married and almost 30.”

The reality star joked about how she was a little too pumped to be running an errand with her man in the next few days. 

“My husband and I were discussing what we should do this weekend, and one idea was to go check out the new grocery store in town AND I’M ACTUALLY EXCITED FOR THAT,” the 27-year-old wrote. 

“Who am I?”

Several fans related to the MTV alum’s adulthood update and began sharing their own “adult” plans. 

“Join the club,” one fan wrote. “My wife and I are excited to finish renovating the bathroom this weekend, mostly because we can’t wait to use our new mirror cabinet. It’s going to be wild.” 

Another user chimed in saying, “Sometimes my husband and I go to Costco for a date and we love it!” 

It’s all about the little things in life, right? 

But just last week, Chelsea and her husband’s six-month-old daughter Layne celebrated quite a big milestone!

Their little girl said her very first word!

Luckily, the moment was captured on camera and yes, our hearts were melting.

In the adorable video, Layne is all smiles while looking at her mom and trying her best to pronounce the words “dada”. 

“I guess I’ll count it,” Chelsea captioned the video. “You win this time @coledeboer #dada. 

The proud parents share two kids together, Watson and Layne. But Chelsea is also the loving mother to daughter Aubree, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. 

So is there room for one more in the Houska household? 

“Cole and I definitely want more kids – at least one – but I think we’re going to wait probably a little father than the last two babies,” Chelsea told E! News.

The reality star also confirmed that within the next few years their adorable little fam will be ready to grow. 

“Maybe when [Layne’s] two, we’ll start thinking about it.”

“But there will be more,” she promised. 

Aside from their tender date nights spent on aisle 5 at the grocery store, Cole definitely knows how to keep their romance alive. 

He shared a sweet post about his lady back in February writing, “Valentine’s Day date night! Look how beautiful my wife is,” Cole wrote. 

“We had an amazing night and it was super hot watching my wife throw an axe.”

For some reason, their bizarre date nights are making us all a little jealous. 

However, the love is real and if that’s not enough, he has also really stepped up as Aubree’s father figure.

Cole recently took Aubree to a father-daughter dance and posted a sentimental message about their bond via Instagram. 

“I am very proud of who this sweet girl is becoming the older she gets,” he wrote. 

“In the truck on the way to the dance I told her, ‘You know that I love you and that I will always protect you and always be here for you whenever you need me!”

Ok, we’re not crying you’re crying. 

Chelsea and Cole continue to accomplish #RelationshipGoals from all of their fans, now we can see why.

We can’t wait to watch their adorable family grow, but more importantly, we can’t wait to find out where their next hot date spot will be! 

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